What the Fat Episode #65

There is an apparent gap between research and education outside of the scientific community. It is the goal of the Metabolic Health Summit to bring together top researchers to present groundbreaking work and expand the keto conversation, shifting a societal focus to the use of nutrition as a tool in both science and medicine.

In this episode of What The Fat, Dr. Ryan Lowery speaks with Victoria Field, Co-Founder of the Metabolic Health Initiative, to further explore this conference that acts as a platform to showcase metabolic therapy and move the conversation forward.

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If you are to go to only one conference this year, Dr. Ryan Lowery urges you to consider attending the Metabolic Health Summit on January 31 st in Los Angeles California so that you may learn from top researchers in the field and continue to move the keto conversation forward.

Show Notes:

  • The Metabolic Health Summit 2:10
  • If you only go to one conference this year 6:30
  • Where you can find more information and resources 10:17


Metabolic Health Summit 2019

Ryan’s Favorite Things Giveaway MHS 2019: Enter Here

Keto Pet Sanctuary: ketopetsanctuary.com


Tweetable quotes

“Our goal is to bridge the education gap, where keto science meets society”

“Let’s have this event where we can really push the research forward, but let’s also give back to the community as well”

“I think it brings together the top minds of the world When you bring that type of energy into one place, special things happen”

“Food really does make a difference in our lives, our health, disease states and we can do something with this”

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