What the Fat Podcast Episode 75

Today on What The Fat, we welcome Danny Vega, known for his social media presence as Keto Counter Culture and co-host of Fat Fueled Family and The Ketogenic Athlete podcasts. In this episode, hear how Danny risked it all, quitting his comfortable sales job, to journey into the world of health and fitness. Listen along to gain insight into the carnivore diet and further explore the conflicts within the ketogenic community.

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At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are living your happiest, healthiest life. If you are able to: take risks, follow your dreams, and be the best person
you can be.



Danny’s Instagram: @KetoCounterCulture

Fat Fueled Family: www.fatfueled.family


Show Notes:

  • Danny Vega’s background in fitness and nutrition 2:11
  • What inspired Danny’s transition from a traditional job to the keto world? 8:11
  • A day in the life of Danny Vega 15:39
  • Benefits of the carnivore diet 20:49
  • Atkins and internal camps within the ketogenic movement 24:17
  • Stop eating that! It’s not keto! 27:09


Tweetable quotes

“It’s those little things in between that you don’t notice that you take for granted.”

“At the end of the day, people want to get jacked. They want a six-pack. They want to get stronger. They want to look better, and they want to know how to eat the right food or make more money. So, let’s start with there; get jacked, but once I got you reeled in, I’m going to try to make you a better person.”

“People get complacent…and then you get trapped in that”

“The long game– long term– it’s ultimately going to make the world of a difference”

“There’s this problem. There’s literature and then there’s the general public and they’re not seeing the literature. They’re not seeing the science”

“If you are stuck somewhere you are not as effective. There comes a point where you have to choose to leave and be on your own so you’re free to really do the thing that you want to do.”

“Who knows what’s going to happen in 2 months. Who knows what’s going to happen in 4 months. That’s kind of a beautiful thing.”

“Do it now. Don’t wait for it.”

“I’m never going to tell my son not to eat an apple”

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