Today on What The Fat, Dr. Ryan Lowery will continue to explore Danny Vega’s overall health transformation. Listen along to hear some new and exciting things coming into the keto space, how the ketogenic diet helped Ryan’s mom, and the psychological factors of body composition and performance.

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Overall health is a lot more complicated than just nutrition and training. If you don’t have control over the aspects like stress, sleep, and your social life, then you won’t be seeing the changes that you want to see.


Show Notes:


  • New and exciting things in the keto space 0:38
  • How the ketogenic diet helped Ryan’s mom 5:04
  • Danny’s fitness transformation 7:16
  • How the people you surround yourself with impacts performance 13:07 

Tweetable quotes

Danny’s Instagram: @KetoCounterCulture

Fat Fueled Family:

“Let’s look at the skill acquisition of doing the right exercises. If something’s not working, maybe it’s not the exercise, maybe it’s your execution.”

“We’re training for contraction, not completion”


“The main thing that I learned was learning how to get the best contraction in every single length of the muscle.”

“It’s [all] about the people you surround yourself with, the environment”

“It’s more than just training and nutrition, there’s a lot more that goes into it to overall health”


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