On today’s episode of What The Fat, Dr. Ryan Lowery interviews Danny Vega on his views about the ketogenic diet. Hear more about Danny’s parenting philosophy, how he started his kids on keto, and how he educates his family on proper nutrition.  

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Don’t just tell your kids not to eat something, but rather give them autonomy and teach them how foods affect their body. Teach them, educate them, and give them independence so they can make the healthiest decisions for themselves and grow to have a healthy relationship with food.



Danny’s Instagram: @KetoCounterCulture

Fat Fueled Family: www.fatfueled.family


Show Notes:


  • Danny’s parenting philosophy and starting his kids on keto 1:01
  • How Danny coped with his son being hit by a car 10:16
  • “Be here now” and being present 16:00
  • Danny’s biggest advice 17:51
  • Where to find Danny and his family on social media 22:21



Tweetable quotes

“The number two thing, besides modeling behavior, is giving [children] autonomy and putting them in a position of decision making as much as possible.”

“[If you have picky kids] first, right now, throw away everything that’s bad. Donate it or whatever; just get it out of the house.”

“We are in a constantly fed state… the average American eats 11 meals a day… it’s the snacking epidemic.”

“Winner’s don’t lose; they learn.”

“Act now. Just do not waste any more time. People think we have so much time and we don’t… we can die”

“Never be afraid to give”

“Write yourself a eulogy. See what you think people would say about you right now. What do you want them to say about you? Then start from there and say, ‘how do I create that.'”

“You’ve got to learn everyday… learn about the things you are passionate about every day. Listen to the people that disagree with you…”

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