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Logan Sneed was just a normal student who dreamed of bulking up and being the biggest guy in the gym–  that was until his sophomore year of college when he unexpectedly had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. His life drastically changed from  gym-rat to stage 4 glioblastoma cancer patient. Hear his compelling story on using the ketogenic diet for cancer, his perspective on life, and how to start keto the right way.


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Your life experiences are shaped by your perspective. Do not let the future determine you or the past hurt you.








Show Notes:

  • The story behind Logan’s diagnosis 1:48
  • Introduction into the keto diet 4:55
  • What it was like going through chemotherapy 6:52
  • A day of eating before keto 7:53
  • Maintaining muscle mass on chemotherapy 8:58
  • How cancer changed Logan’s perspective on life 10:24
  • First try at keto and sticking to it 12:04
  • A typical day for Logan 13:31
  • Thoughts on carnivore 15:50
  • Starting intermittent fasting 17:57
  • Favorite keto supplements 18:56
  • Logan’s workout routine 20:10
  • Biggest obstacles faced when starting on keto 21:22
  • Tips for life and changing your perspective 23:55
  • Quick tips for just starting keto 25:50
  • Where to find Logan on social media 27:17


Tweetable quotes


“The story of the diagnosis is what changed my life”


“It’s all about perspective, being in the moment, and appreciating the day for what it truly is”


“I remember starting it and I never looked back and the reason was because it gave me a motivation of this could work. This could be something that could save me.”


“A lot of people are very unsure [about keto]. They go into it so unsure that if they hit one mishap or one problem it’s like oh my gosh its not working for me  so they start freaking out. They think they need to go in absolutely perfect. It’s like they need to be a keto master and if you mess up, you ruin the whole thing and the results are never going to happen.”


“I think they need to go in with a very open, learning mentality.”


“It always seems it’s impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


“You can not let your circumstances, you can not let the situation, you can’t let the problem, you can’t let anything [affect you]. You can’t let the future determine you and you cant let the past hurt you. You want to create yourself in the right now.”


“Stop thinking about 5 years from now… stop think about what has happened to you. Start thinking about right now and what you can still do.”


“A lot of people just want the end result, but the real learning and growth happens during the entire process”


“Don’t  think of what you can’t have. Think about what you can have.”


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