What is Ketogenic Certified?

Ketogenic Certified is the gold standard certification for ketogenic products, supplements, and ingredients. By providing rigorous testing and analysis, our certification program will provide a high level of trust for the company and end consumer that their product rightfully belongs in the ketogenic category.

It is comprised of three different options:

Ketogenic Certified (N.A.S) – No artificial sweeteners

Ketogenic Certified

Ketogenic Friendly

How long does Ketogenic Certification take?

From the time that you apply to the moment you get your final results is about 8-10 weeks. Factored into this process is time allotted for us to purchase product from an independent supplier, receive samples from the Company, do our thorough analysis, and complete testing. To help expedite this process, we encourage Companies to have all proper documents (labels, ingredients, CoAs, etc) ready for us to examine.

Why do you need to purchase products from an independent 3rd party too?

We want to ensure that the products that are out in the market are the same that are we are testing. We will ask companies to send us product and if applicable, we will also go out to independent distributors to purchase the product as well. This is an additional reason why consumers trust Ketogenic Certified as the gold standard since they know what is being tested is exactly what they are consuming.

Additionally, we offer a 15% off for companies that are less than 1-year-old and a 25% discount for each additional ingredients/product you test.

What if I have other products that I need Ketogenic Certified?

Each license period covers only the specific product that was applied for.  Each new product has to go under a new audit since there are new ingredients. Other certifications may lump them all together under one, but consumers know there can be a significant difference between a peanut butter cookie and a chocolate chip cookie based on the different ingredients. Every additional product will be expedited if a majority of the ingredients are the same, but will still be tested out individually.

How much does the certification cost?

The cost of our testing is based on the Certification tier. Our baseline price (for the first SKU) is $2,999 for Ketogenic Friendly, $3,499 for Ketogenic Certified, and $3,999 for Ketogenic Certified N.A.S. Each additional SKU after the 1st is $1,000 for Ketogenic Friendly and Certified, and $1,500 for Ketogenic Certified N.A.S.

What makes a product Keto Certified over Ketogenic Friendly certified?

Please see the “Standards” page to learn more about the differences between Ketogenic Certified and Ketogenic Friendly.

What is the difference between Ketogenic Certified (N.A.S) and Ketogenic Certified?

Companies opting for the Ketogenic Certified (N.A.S.) testing will undergo a further step of detailed analysis for artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium. These companies that do not use artificial sweeteners should be rewarded for their efforts with a higher level of certification as long as the product tests out.

Since research has shown that artificial sweeteners at realistic levels achieved with human consumption may not impact blood glucose regulation or ketosis [1]. However, some studies show that some artificial may act differently upon healthy vs obese individuals [2] which is ultimately why we use different subjects for our actual testing to determine if a product with artificial sweeteners would be deemed Ketogenic Friendly instead.

What makes a product Keto Certified over Ketogenic Friendly certified?

Please see the “Standards” page to learn more about the differences between Ketogenic Certified and Ketogenic Friendly.

What ingredients would not be Ketogenic Certified?

Please see the Standards page to learn more about specific ingredients that are not suitable for Ketogenic Certified and Ketogenic Friendly.

How is Ketogenic Certified determined?

Check out this video that gives a simplistic overview of what goes on behind the scenes for Ketogenic Certified. There are different criteria needed to be met and maintained at each level. For more information, view our certification Standards.

Can a product have too much protein to be Ketogenic Certified?

For our Ketogenic Certified standards, a product must at least have a 1:1 ratio (1 gram of fat for every 1 gram of net carbs and protein). Ketogenic Friendly items do not require a specific ketogenic ratio.

What is included in standard Keto Certification?

  • Ketogenic Certified™ or Ketogenic Friendly™ Logos on Packaging
  • Permission Letters
  • Featured Spotlight on Ketogenic.com – Ketogenic Certified™ page
  • Product/Ingredient Approval on Website
  • Access to Ketogenic Certified™ Network
  • Social Media Promotion on Ketogenic.com
  • Trusted by Keto Influencers and Distributors of Ketogenic Products
  • Access to Keto Club Diamond Members (coming soon)
  • Access to sell product on Ketogenic.com (coming soon)