The BEST quality assurance program for all your keto products.

Why Ketogenic Certified™?

Laboratory Tested

We don’t just look at a label. We test the product on a variety of different individuals to ensure that the product doesn’t spike glucose or knock someone out of ketosis.

Consumer Trust

We help create transparency in the marketplace by using specific and tested criteria which makes consumers trust our certification process.

Regulatory Aid

With our ketogenic certification, governing bodies and regulators are more likely to look favorably upon your product since you went through proper testing procedures to make a keto claim.

Ketogenic Certified is the #1 Ketogenic Certification

Ketogenic Certified Options

The Ketogenic Index is based on a statistical analysis of blood glucose and ketone levels.

*Excludes allulose ** Excludes high GI sugar alcohols *** Ratio = fat : net carbs + protein

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Benefits of Ketogenic Certified™

Brand Highlights

Featured highlights on our website and assistance in marketing to identify new products that are ketogenic certified.

Ketogenic Certification

Recognition for the highest available ketogenic certification to place on packaging, validating product claims and assuring trust.

Ketogenic Certified™ Network

Join a group of exclusive companies that make it their mission to validate a products ketogenic legitimacy to assure consumers trust.

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