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The world’s most comprehensive keto course.

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Decades of Knowledge

This course takes the knowledge of the top scientists and leaders in the keto field and puts it at your disposal with over 80 videos. Decades of comprehensive research, testing, and results have been condensed into a single video-based course. This course provides the most advanced teachings of the ketogenic diet, ensuring your status as a ketogenic authority.

Become a Specialist

Having the three letters, KMS (Ketogenic Mastery Specialist), following your name ensures that clients and colleagues will instantly recognize credibility, and this will inspire trust and loyalty. Anyone can become a coach; however, that doesn’t always mean the best practices or proper information is implemented.

50+ Hours of Content

We’ve taken the most complicated concepts of the ketogenic diet and distilled them into effective and easy-to-understand lessons. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the ketogenic lifestyle including a firm understanding of keto-adaptation, the ability to provide nutritional recommendations based on a client’s unique needs, and how to troubleshoot common ketogenic-based issues.

What our graduates have to say about the course

What is Keto Mastery?

Keto Mastery was created to help instruct those who are passionate about nutrition and want to coach others but need a better understanding of the ketogenic diet. With so much information available about keto, it may seem daunting at times to fully understand everything. From the different functions and processes of the body to therapeutic applications, to the science behind what makes for the most ideal ketogenic state, you can get lost in all of the data. This along with a plethora of other topics are included within Keto Mastery.

The K.M.S. Certification is THE ONLY ketogenic certification that is recognized for additional CEUs by NASM, AFAA, ISSA, and many more in the upcoming future. If you are someone who wants to be a step above the competition and have the #1 trusted certification, get started today, and change your future.

Sneak peek of the course

Who you will learn from:

Ryan Lowery, PhD

Jacob Wilson, PhD

Special guest lectures from:

Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

Angela Poff, PhD

Jeff Volek, RD, PhD

Sarah Hallberg, DO

Thomas Seyfried, PhD

Georgia Ede, MD

David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD

Loren Nations, DVM, DiplABVP

Jong Rho, MD

Stephen Cunnane, PhD

David Diamond, PhD

Adrienne C. Scheck, PhD

Suzanne Ryan of Keto Karma

Jen Fisch of Keto in The City

And many more


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Course Outline

Past, Present, and Future State of Keto

Understanding the history of both the ketogenic diet and widely-accepted dietary recommendations will serve as a strong foundation for all of your ketogenic knowledge.

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet

In this module, you will learn about each macronutrient, their roles and metabolism, what happens to the body when you go keto, and how to balance macros in a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Considerations

You will be learning about more in-depth details including insulin sensitivity, the importance of mitochondria, benefits of MCT and coconut oil, the metabolic impact of fibers, sweeteners, and alcohol, and an overview of ketogenic support supplements.

Exogenous Ketones

Gain a better understanding of what exactly exogenous ketones are, the differences between them, and all of their various theurapeutic applications.

Applications for the Ketogenic Lifestyle

This module covers the vast benefits of keto including improvements in weight loss, physical activity, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Top Keto Questions

Learn how to respond to any question about intermittent fasting, cardiovascular health/cholesterol, ketoacidosis, vegan keto, carnivore keto, keto for pets, exogenous ketones, and legitimate keto supplements.

Practical Guide for Getting Started

Learn everything from calculating your macronutrients, to exercise recommendations, cooking keto, ordering keto at a restaurant, and application of keto as metabolic therapy.

+The Muscle Ph.D. Anatomy Course

*BONUS* Gain Access to The Muscle Ph.D. anatomy course and workout regimens to assure you have a firm understanding of how the body moves and an array of exercises at your disposal.