• Instructor: Paul Hauser
  • Lectures: 25
  • Quizzes: 9
  • Students: 170
  • Duration: 10 weeks

The Anatomy course is designed to detail both the anatomy and the mechanics of the major muscle groups of the body. This course will allow you to immediately optimize your exercise training for any given body part to maximize your potential and overall development. Intricate details such as anatomical regions, muscle fiber angles, and nervous system innervation are all discussed in addition to key biomechanics that shed light on the optimal angles to train each muscle region for full development. No other course in the world can offer more immediately applicable knowledge to your training.

  • Chest 0/4

    This course goes into detail about the many different regions of the chest muscles and how to optimize your training to develop each region to its full potential. This course is imperative for advancing your chest training knowledge to the next level.

  • Back 0/5

    In this section we'll cover all of the major muscles of the back - a major area where many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are lacking in development. This course will offer you all of the tools you need to optimize your back training and development.

  • Shoulders 0/4

    Few things help define a stunning physique more than well-developed shoulders and traps. This course dives into all of the intricate details on how to optimize training for these muscle groups to take your physique to the next level.

  • Arms 0/4

    While developing every muscle group is important, no other muscle group is more visibile on a daily basis than the arms. Many often struggle to fully develop their arms so this course is designed to optimize your training efforts for biceps and triceps gains.

  • Quads 0/4

    Since the quadriceps muscle group consists of four separate muscles, optimizing development for each individual one can be tricky. This course fully covers quadriceps anatomy and function and how you can maximize development and detail in this muscle group.

  • Glutes 0/4

  • Hamstrings 0/3

    The hamstrings are another muscle group often lacking in development on many physiques. This course covers the intrictate details of hamstrings anatomy and function and how to train this muscle group to take your lower body aesthetics to the next level.

  • Calves 0/3

    Calf development is often the biggest question mark when it comes to proper training and many neglect this muscle group entirely. Use this course to better understand how the individual calf muscles are activated and trained so you can start finally seeing results in your calves.

  • Core 0/3

    An aesthetic and strong midsection ties a balanced physique together and can assist in the development of almost every other muscle group. This course covers anatomy and mechanics so that you can optimize both core aesthetics and function.

Paul is the Marketing Director for Ketogenic.com and comes from a diverse business background including health and wellness, supplemental manufacturers, and public relations. He also really likes bacon. Paul holds a masters in exercise science and nutrition as well as a bachelors in business which allows him to apply his understanding of science with marketing strategies for optimal delivery/outreach. He strives to surround himself with like-minded individuals who have the same passion for changing the way we see nutrition.