Benefits of  MCT Oil on Keto

If you are familiar with the ketogenic lifestyle, then it is likely that you have heard about MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides. They may be popular, but are there benefits to supplementing with MCT oil on keto?

What are MCTs and LCTs?

When fatty acids are joined together they form what is known as triglycerides.  There are three different classifications for triglycerides based on carbon chain length: short (SCTs), medium (MCTs), or long (LCTs). Triglycerides that are comprised of 6-10 carbon atoms are classified as medium-chain triglycerides and are structurally different from long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), which contain 12-18 carbon atoms.

MCTs can be further broken down to either Caproic (C6 or 6 Carbons), Caprylic (C8), and Capric acid (C10).  Lauric acid (C12), which is the primary fat in coconut oil, has characteristics of both MCTs and LCTs.


Where can MCTs be Found?

MCTs can be found in both natural and supplemental forms.  Coconut oil, palm kernel oil, cheese, butter, and milk are all foods with a high percentage of MCTs.  However, the primary MCT present in these foods is lauric acid


What are the Benefits of Supplementing With MCT Oil on Keto?

1) Satiety

Research has found that MCT consumption with a meal leads to lower calorie intake and the more MCTs you have the more satiation (fullness) you experience.

2) Increased Energy

Since MCTs are rapidly digested, they can provide a quick source of energy. This can be particularly beneficial when starting a ketogenic diet!

3) Ketone Production

Since MCTs are rapidly digested in the liver, they can lead to the build-up of material that is required to produce ketones.

4) Cognitive Performance

Since MCTs can help with ketogenesis (the production of ketones) and the brain preferentially takes in ketones for energy, we could assume that MCTs will increase cognitive performance as well.


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