Is Allulose Keto?

Allulose is a new sweetener that is popping up in both keto foods and non-keto foods alike. But, what makes this sweetener so popular?

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a natural, rare sugar that can be found in small quantities from figs, jackfruit, raisins, and wheat.

Is Allulose Metabolized?

Allulose contains approximately 0.4 calories per gram and is not metabolized like other sugars. This means that it is excreted out in the urine and does not cause a metabolic impact.

Is Allulose Keto?

Allulose is considered safe for consumption on the ketogenic diet. Research suggests that it does not cause a spike in blood glucose or insulin levels. Consumption of allulose should not reduce blood ketone levels or kick you out of ketosis.

Does Allulose Cause GI Problems?

Allulose is not known to cause gastric distress, like other zero-calorie or keto sweeteners. It should be noted that some research does suggest that at high doses, allulose can cause issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea in some individuals (but, again, this was at high doses). Allulose should not cause gastric issues when consumed in normal amounts.

Dose Allulose Have an Aftertaste?

Unlike other sweeteners like erythritol (cooling aftertaste) and stevia (bitter aftertaste), allulose does not have an aftertaste. Its taste is highly comparable to sucrose (white sugar).

How Does Allulose Compare to Sugar?

Allulose is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar. It has a granular texture similar to sugar and has similar hygroscopic properties. This means that when consumed, baked, or cooked, allulose is going to have a taste and texture similar to sucrose (table sugar). Furthermore, allulose has a melting point of 212°F, which is very similar to the melting point of fructose. This coupled with the fact allulose is hygroscopic (pulls in water) makes it ideal for cooking at higher temperatures without burning (like during the capitalization process).


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