Is IMO Keto?

What is IMO?

IMO, isomaltooligosaccharide is a short-chain carbohydrate that is included in many “low-carb” or “keto” products and is listed as a fiber.  IMOs can be made in several ways, but they are primarily derived from a sugar called maltose. IMO is promoted as a prebiotic fiber with a light sweetness profile. Its functional properties (i.e., moisture retention, low viscosity) make it well-suited for nutrition bars, cookies, candies, and the like.

How is IMO metabolized?

IMO is composed of short-chain oligosaccharides. It is ultimately metabolized into small amounts of glucose and maltose and thus should be viewed as a slow-digesting carbohydrate rather than a true fiber.

Does IMO spike blood glucose levels?

The glycemic index of IMO is very low, however, it has been shown to be nearly completely digested (83 % or more) by enzymes on the small intestinal border. Thus, IMOs should not necessarily be classified as a true fiber but rather as a low glycemic carbohydrate like steel-cut oatmeal, at about 3.3 calories per gram.

Is IMO Keto?

Based on the current research IMOs should not be classified as a “true fiber.” Rather, IMOs should be viewed as a very low glycemic carbohydrate source, much like steel-cut oats. In essence, if you see a low-carb snack that has 20 grams of IMO fiber, it is likely that approximately 16 grams of this fiber will act as a slow-digesting carb, and four grams will act as an indigestible fiber. Those who are on a ketogenic diet should be aware of these fibers and proceed with caution when consuming them in large amounts, as they could raise both blood glucose and insulin levels.


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