What Is A Targeted Ketogenic Diet?

Love intense workouts? Can’t get enough HIIT? Athletes can benefit from a targeted ketogenic diet (TKD). Targeted keto is similar to the traditional keto diet, except that when and how you eat carbs are changed. Athletes on targeted keto consume their daily carbs about 30 minutes prior to an intense workout. This helps prevent exercise fatigue and low blood sugar.

So what exactly is a targeted ketogenic diet (TKD)? TDK protocol is the same as following a traditional ketogenic diet; total carbohydrate intake does not necessarily change on TDK but, the timing of when carbs are consumed does change. Individuals who perform high intensity or strenuous exercise in the gym may benefit from manipulating carb-intake around their workout. By consuming the majority of your total daily carbohydrate intake before your workout, you are able to fuel the workout and increase performance. Some studies also suggest concentrating your carb intake right after a workout may increase lean muscle mass gains.

Following a targeted ketogenic diet may be useful to you if you are an athlete or are someone who trains frequently and intensely at the gym and wants to optimize your performance. If you are one of these individuals and you find yourself suffering from fatigue or weakness at the gym, or just aren’t performing as well as your former carb-consuming self, try giving the targeted ketogenic diet a try. Start by reducing carb intake during other meals and concentrating the majority of your carbs around your workout. Every person will be affected differently, but find what foods/macronutrients work best for you and your body so that you can perform your best during your workouts.



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