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Nearly 2 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year, and have a profound long term impact on the brain. We need an action plan to combat this.

Fiber is incredibly important on a ketogenic diet. It can help you feel full, improve gut health, and even manage some common keto flu symptoms.

High fat dieting has been demonized to raise cholesterol. However, more research is showing the cardiovascular benefits in low carb high fat diets.

Exogenous ketone supplements are a hot topic in the keto world. Here we address the health implications of different ingredients used in these products.

Looking to make some changes to your body for your new year’s resolution? Ketosis can be the best way to achieve and maintain these results. Learn more.

Everyone loves snacking and planning snacks on the go can be difficult! You may think it’s even harder on a ketogenic diet but not with these 5 keto snacks!

Concussions can lead to short and long term complications. Can ketosis and ketones offer a potential therapeutic solution for traumatic brain injury?

Crossfit athletes are commonly prescribed high carbohydrate, but what if a ketogenic diet could help improve performance and body composition?

Restricting carbohydrates while on a ketogenic diet is a fundamental feature of the lifestyle. However, there may be certain instances where a case could be made for carbohydrates!

Many individuals fear a ketogenic diet because of the common misconception that you need carbohydrates for your training. More research is coming out now demonstrating that might not be the case!