Episode #46

Ali Miller is an integrative dietitian and founder of Naturally Nourished, a functional medicine private practice. Author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Health Cookbook and Reset, Restore, Renew: Real Food Detox program. She has a NEW book coming out soon called The Anti-Anxiety Diet!

Ali has dedicated her career to revolutionizing food-as-medicine in the treatment and prevention of disease. She has a passion to create public awareness regarding the significant role diet plays in our overall health with her philosophy of Food-As-Medicine. Through corporate outreach and as a public figure, Ali addresses nutrition misconceptions and myths, clarifying the extensive amount of confusing and conflicting information that often saturates the media.

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Website: https://www.alimillerrd.com

Books:  Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Health Cookbook

 Show Notes:

  • Ali Miller’s background and veganism 00:01:05
  • How Ali learned about Keto 00:05:20
  • Pushback of the Keto diet with Registered Dietitians 00:07:10
  • Make positivity louder 00:10:10
  • Biggest micronutrient deficiencies 00:11:45
  • Female diets and hormones 00:16:30
  • Carbohydrate reintroduction recommended intake 00:20:10
  • Protein deficient women 00:22:30
  • What is Ali’s ‘why?’ 00:24:50

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