What The Fat Podcast Episode #52

Episode #52

Craig Emmerich graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and had always had a systematic approach to his work. He followed his wife Maria Emmerich into the nutrition field and has since dedicated his time researching and looking at nutrition and biology from a systems perspective. Over the last eight years, he has worked with hundreds of clients alongside Maria to help them heal their bodies and lose weight leveraging their biology to make it easy.

In this episode of What The Fat, Dr. Ryan Lowery talks with Craig Emmerich about his daily eating habits, nutrient-rich foods, and how skipping dinner is ideal for intermittent fasting.  Then, Craig gives his thoughts on extended fasting, “cheat days,” and the “SAD” diet experiment.  Later, we learn about physiological insulin resistance, the carnivore diet, and gluconeogenesis.

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Show Notes:

  • Most nutrient-rich foods 00:03:00
  • A day in the life of Craig Emmerich 00:03:45
  • Skipping dinner is ideal for intermittent fasting 00:05:00
  • Best time of day to exercise 00:06:25
  • Extended fasting is helpful for certain people 00:08:00
  • Water fasting causes autophagy, but so does Keto 00:10:00
  • Craig is not a fan of “cheat days” 00:10:55
  • “SAD” diet experiment 00:13:35
  • Keto does not lead to diabetes 00:14:35
  • Physiological insulin resistance 00:16:10
  • Should I eat cake at a wedding? 00:17:10
  • Craig’s thoughts on the carnivore diet 00:18:30
  • The whole foods approach 00:21:00
  • Bulletproof Coffee is out of hand 00:22:00
  • Gluconeogenesis 00:23:25

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