About Nupasta

NuPasta is a low-calorie pasta made with konjac. The konjac plant is a root vegetable rich with a dietary fiber called glucomannan (the key ingredient in NuPasta). Each package contains 210g of pasta (one plate), which has 35 kcal and 6g of fiber. As a gluten-free product, NuPasta contains no starch and 0 net carbs. This way, NuPasta satisfies hunger, while keeping the calories low. NuPasta is also precooked; Simply rinse and drain the pasta, then heat it up with your favorite sauce and toppings.


Ketogenic Certified Products

Nupasta Konjac noodles

Nupasta is a Low calorie & gluten free pasta. The texture is chewy, similar to al dente pasta (firm to bite)

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