About Dr. Ryan Lowery, CEO

Growing up, Dr. Ryan Lowery always had a passion for helping others and was determined to find a way to make an impact on a global level.  In 2002, Ryan’s family faced an unexpected tragedy – his grandmother, Marlayne Makovec, died at 61 years of age.

From then on, Ryan’s mission became crystal clear – find alternative solutions utilizing the latest science and innovations in order to change people’s lives for the better.  Along with finishing his Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science with over 100 papers, abstracts, and book chapters, Ryan was a National Champion baseball player at the University of Tampa.

While in school, Ryan won several awards such as the Exercise Science Scholar of the Year Award, NSCA Award for Outstanding Presentation of the Year, and the National AAHPERD Exercise Science Major of the Year.  Following this, Ryan and his business partners, Dr. Jacob Wilson and Sam Beeler founded the Applied Science and Performance Institute.

The Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) is a 21,000 square foot research and performance facility dedicated to bridging the gap between science and application.  ASPI’s mission is to change lives through science and innovation.

Ryan’s focus has always been nutrition and supplementation and since 2010 has been focused on ketogenic strategies to optimize health and performance.

In 2017, Ryan and Jacob published, The Ketogenic Bible, which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and is being translated into several different languages. This book was born out of a passion to help educate the masses on the research and practical application behind ketosis, as it relates to therapeutic and performance driven outcomes.

Since its launch, tens of thousands of copies have been sold and Ryan and Jacob have pledged to donate profits from this book to help further ketogenic education and research.

Ryan has been a featured guest on numerous shows, podcast, and interviews over his entire career.  Ryan has spoken both nationally and internationally on topics relating to ketosis and the ketogenic lifestyle.  Recently, Ryan received his Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance.  His dissertation focused on the effects of a well-formulated ketogenic diet and exogenous ketone supplementation on various markers of health and body composition in both healthy and diseased populations.

Ryan realized there was an enormous need to help sift through the noise and provide clarity.  Ryan’s approach is very simple: develop the context of the situation, understand that everyone is individualized, be open to new ideas and research findings, and be able to translate that information into something that can be put into meaningful use in order to help someone effectively live a better life.  Ryan’s initiative #makepositivitylouder stands by his own MO of never putting other’s down, but rather extending a helping a hand and being willing to help as often as possible.

Dr. Ryan Lowery currently lives in Tampa, Florida.  He enjoys making low carbohydrate alternatives to his favorite high carbohydrate foods.

Additionally, Ryan spends most of his free time being in and around water as much as possible and spending as much quality time with friends and family. Ryan is excited to embark on this journey with together with you, and help lead the ketogenic community forward.

Mission & Vision

Utilizing the latest cutting-edge research along with practical experience, Ketogenic.com fosters awareness, understanding, and connectedness in helping others live their most optimal life.

The information and recipes provided by Ketogenic.com are designed to offer the community alternative, yet delicious options that fit a ketogenic lifestyle.

Our Goal

It is our goal that together, we can help raise awareness on the power of ketosis and equip the world with the tools and understanding in making the ketogenic diet a lifestyle.



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