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The Keto Calculator uses a sophisticated algorithm that was created by taking thousands of data points and hundreds of published research findings to calculate the most accurate calorie and macronutrient (carbs, protein, and fat) recommendations that are best suited for you.

If you are looking to start the keto diet, or maybe have struggled with keto in the past, this is a great place to start. Rest assured this is the most precise keto calculator available on the web.

Basic Information
Current Weight
Goal Weight
Body Fat
Choose "Enter %" if you want to manually enter your Body Fat %.
Enter Body Fat %
Choose "Enter %" if you want to manually enter your Body Fat %.

We recommend to manually input your body fat percentage only if you have obtained from direct testing using either a DXA, BodPod, or InBody analysis. Other home devices and handheld body fat analyzers are not as accurate and may affect your results. If you don't have this information you can use our regular calculator instead.
Body Fat Estimate
Choose "Enter %" if you want to manually enter your Body Fat %.

Select the option that fits your body type best. If you have actual body fat % measurements from a DXA, InBody, or BodPod, you can use the advanced calculator to input your number for a more accurate calculation. If you only measured your body fat using a home scale or handheld BIA we recommend you select a visual option as some of these devices do not accurately reflect a true estimate of your body fat percentage.
Activity Level
To determine your activity level think about what you spend doing most of your day. If you work sitting down most of the day with only 1 hour of exercise per day, then choose “Work in an office all day”. On the other hand if your work is laborious and you are on your feet all day, choose the option that suits you best.
Do You Exercise?
Choose yes if you are involved in at least 30 minutes of light to moderate activity at least 3 days per week.
What type(s) of training/exercise do you predominantly do?
To accurately estimate the amount of calories you are burning while exercising please select the top two activities you perform on a weekly basis. If you only do one you can leave the second option blank. When selecting the actual time in minutes/day spent on each activity don't think just the time spent at the gym, but the time you are actually exercising. For example if your cardio session from beginning to end is 25 minutes but you spent 45 minutes in the gym total, only add 25 minutes.
Activity 1
Activity 2 (optional)
Choose a Goal
If your goal is weight loss or weight gain we recommend starting “light to moderate intensity” to allow your body to adjust to a new macronutrient regimen.
Adjust your Macros?
Choose yes if you want to customize your macros.
Adjust your Macros
Net Carbs are the total amount of carbohydrates you can consume daily after you subtract dietary fibers and some sugar alcohols. We recommend staying under 30 g depending on your size to achieve an optimal state of ketosis. For protein, make sure you select the option that fits your lifestyle best. Too much protein is not always ideal when following a ketogenic diet.
What are your total Net Carbs per day?
(We recommend staying under 40g depending on your size to achieve an optimal state of ketosis)
How much protein do you want to consume per day?
0.5-0.6 g/lb of lean mass
Not very active or not involved in resistance training
0.7-0.8 g/lb of lean mass
Average gym goer
0.85-0.9 g/lb of lean mass
High Intensity Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are macros?

Macronutrients, or “macros,” are compounds that your body uses for growth, maintenance, and repair i.e. carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Your body needs macros in large amounts, as these are the most important functions of your body. In keto, macro intake regulation is the crux of the diet.

How do you calculate macros for keto?

The total intake of macros for your diet depends on a number of factors: gender, weight, age, activity level, body fat percentage, and your personal goals. As you can see, ultimately, your macro intake will largely depend on your lifestyle and goals. It can be tricky to figure out the math if you aren’t very confident in that area, but that is why we provide you with this keto macros calculator, which works out the best plan for you.

How much can you expect to lose on keto?

How much weight you lose on keto depends on a number of different factors including exercise, calorie limitation, food choices and so much more. If properly followed, you will start using fat as fuel in no time.

How do I get more specific with my calculations?

We’ve created the most accurate keto calculator by taking into account factors such as activity level and goals.  However, we have an Advanced version of our calculator that is available to all Plus members that allows you to enter in specific body fat % data and allows you to adjust your net carbohydrate and protein intake with greater precision.

Can I get a coach to help me create a meal plan with my macros?

Absolutely.  Sometimes having some extra guidance can help us create a good foundation for our keto journey.  We’ve put together a group of highly qualified coaches/mentors who have all not only lived this lifestyle for many years, but can provide exact plans based on your needs. Please contact us for additional information.

Now that I have my macros, how do I start my keto journey?

Now that you know how much to eat, check out our easy and free 3-step process.  Also, check out some of our delicious, yet easy meal plans that cater to your caloric needs.

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