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Hit A Plateau On Keto? Here are 7 Common Causes & Solutions

Somewhere along the grapevine, you heard the ketogenic diet might help you lose weight…but it just isn’t working for you. You’ve given it some time, you think you’re doing it right, and you haven’t given in to countless cheat days, so what gives? Hitting a weight loss plateau on keto can caused by any one...

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Talking Turmeric: Benefits of Turmeric on Keto

Turmeric is the infamous Indian golden spice that goes far beyond the kitchen. Turmeric has been used in traditional medicine throughout history. You might have this vibrant spice perched on your spice rack, but did you know turmeric is one of the most powerful spices around that’s been associated with a range of health benefits? [...]

Quest Peanut Butter Cups: New Product Alert & Review

It might seem impossible to find keto-friendly chocolate peanut butter cups that taste like a Reese’s Cup, but Quest Nutrition has done it!  Quest just announced their brand new protein-packed Peanut Butter Cups and we are beyond excited! Not just because these low-sugar alternatives to Reese’s Cups are packed full of chocolate and peanut butter [...]

Fall Keto Recipes: 10 Dishes You Need To Try

The leaves have all changed from green to red and orange. The poolside barbecues of the summer are memories (until next year). It’s time to break out your team’s football jersey, Halloween decorations, and some fall keto recipes for your next holiday or football party. Not sure what to make that will help you stay [...]

Delectable Keto Desserts For Special Occasions

On a special occasion, your taste buds deserve a special treat without it turning to a full-blown cheat day. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a night in with your loved one or family, or just another reason to celebrate, show off your culinary chops with these aesthetically appeasing irresistible keto desserts: 1.   Chocolate Cheesecake [...]

Getting into Ketosis: Everything You Need to Know

Getting into ketosis is a process that varies for everyone. Some get into ketosis quicker than others, and some experience a smooth shift of metabolism, while others end up with the keto flu. So, what exactly is ketosis? How long does it usually take to get into ketosis? What is the keto flu, and how [...]

Who is Ancel Keys and How Did He Influence Fat Consumption?

People might disagree on many things about Dr. Ancel Keys, but they’ll all agree on one thing: Ancel Keys was an influential character, and he most certainly influenced diet and fat consumption.   Who is Ancel Keys? Dr. Ancel Keys was a public health scientist most famous for establishing a link between heart disease and [...]

How to Calculate Net Carbs: Fibers & Sweeteners

Calculating net carbs might seem daunting and confusing until you know-how. Among health and nutrition experts and the low-carb community, whether to count net or total carbs is a controversial topic. The net carb claims on packaged foods might not accurately reflect the number of carbs your body absorbs. It’s helpful to know how your...

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Is Sucralose Keto? What Does the Research Show?

More people are becoming aware of the detrimental effects of excess sugar in the diet. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose are often used as a replacement. Is sucralose keto-friendly? What are the pros and cons? What does the research show about sucralose? While authorities maintain that sucralose is safe to eat, some studies have linked it [...]

Is Balsamic Vinegar Keto?

The intense flavor and fancy bottles of balsamic vinegar might just whisk you away to a serene Italian peninsula. Balsamic vinegar is popular worldwide, not just among Italians or the creative culinary types. Is balsamic vinegar a suitable keto dressing or marinade?   What is Balsamic Vinegar? Balsamic vinegar is a dark, concentrated vinegar originating [...]

Foods to Avoid on Keto: A Simple Guide

No matter your reasons for going keto, there are certain foods you should avoid, or risk a full-blown cheat day! Thinking about which foods to avoid and what’s suitable and unsuitable on keto can be taxing for your brain. Here are some of the foods you should avoid on keto.   1.   Bread Bread [...]

How Can You Improve Your Gut Microbiome Health?

The gut microbiome is a wondrous place that has science in awe over the past few decades. A scientific revelation, the discovery of the microbiome has advanced health care and the medical community. So, what exactly is the gut microbiome? How can you improve the health of your gut microbiome?   What is the Microbiome? [...]

Can Coconut Oil Improve Cholesterol?

With benefits abound, you’re probably not surprised to hear that coconut oil might also improve your cholesterol. This beloved, sweet-tasting fatty fruit provides delicious milk, cream, oil, and more! It’s also an excellent choice for the ketogenic diet! So, can coconut oil improve cholesterol? [1]   What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil is a tropical...

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Keto Dressings: Which To Choose & Which To Avoid

How do you navigate the world of dressings and sauces when you’re keto? Where can you find the best keto-friendly dressings? What are the best recipes to make your own keto dressings? If you’re indulging in a colorful, fresh salad, you’ll need a keto-approved dressing. Many of the available dressings at your local grocery stores [...]

What is Cholesterol and Why Does Your Body Need It?

Cholesterol is being talked about here, there, and everywhere, but you might be surprised to discover that your body actually needs cholesterol. Cholesterol isn’t inherently bad or good, it’s way more complicated, and more research is needed. What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is an organic molecule and a lipid that’s found in every cell in your [...]

Keto Fast Food: How To Order Low Carb at Restaurants

Navigating the world of fast food restaurants can be challenging when you’re keto. Fast food is convenient, tasty, and fast, and sometimes you might need or want to simply grab-and-go! Fortunately, you have lots of options available to you that give you the perks of fast food and cater to your dietary needs. Check out [...]

Keto Food Staples: 5 Low-Carb Foods That You Need!

Every keto dieter has favorites, preferences, and pantry staples. Some keto-compliant foods are convenient, versatile, practical, and tasty to have on hand and ready-to-go in your keto kitchen. Stocking and preparing your kitchen and pantry can make following a ketogenic diet a little easier. Here are some of the top keto food staples you need [...]

Why Keto Isn’t Just Another Fad Diet!

Let's start off by getting this clear: ketosis is a state of metabolism, not just another fad diet. Some call the ketogenic diet a positive life-changing nutritional tool while others brush it off as a fad. Is the ketogenic diet just another trend, or is there more to it? How does going keto shift your [...]

Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with a Ketogenic Diet

Worldwide, people are making efforts to improve farming and agricultural practices for a better environment and human health. Regenerative agriculture is one of these promising efforts. The good news is that you can support these efforts with a ketogenic diet.   What is Regenerative Agriculture? Regenerative agriculture involves farming principles and cattle grazing practices drawn...

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5 Keto-Friendly Foods for Digestive Health & Healing Your GI System

From occasional heartburn to Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome, gut-healing foods are used far and wide to improve your digestive health. You can choose from a plethora of appetizing foods that captivate your taste buds and improve your health. Some foods like bone broth are renowned for healing the gut and the intestinal lining. [...]

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Research & Results

Keto dieters often incorporate intermittent fasting (IF) for several reasons. Weight loss is one of these reasons. What does the research show about intermittent fasting for weight loss? Is intermittent fasting an effective weight-loss tool? Does intermittent fasting work synergistically with the ketogenic diet to promote weight loss? What Does the Research Show about Intermittent [...]

Stevia Replaces Sugar In Growing Health-Conscious Market

One positive in the midst of 2020 is that global efforts to reduce sugar consumption continue to grow. With a rising amount of sugar-free alternatives such as stevia, erythritol, or even the emerging rare sugar allulose, companies are looking to meet consumer demands of lower sugar in their products. Stevia replaces sugar in many of [...]

Coronavirus and School: Why Keeping Kids Active is Imperative

Now that kids are back in school (kind of), it’s important to talk about the implications of keeping kids active. Unfortunately, for most kids, gym/recess is the only exercise outlet that they get all day. With more and more schools going online for the remainder of 2020, it’s EXTREMELY important to plan active time with [...]

Not Losing Weight on Keto? Here’s Why

For some keto dieters, the weight seems to fall off like a leaf from a tree branch, but for others, it’s far from easy. Weight loss is a complex, multifaceted topic with lots of factors weighing in. If you’re not losing weight on keto or you seem to reach a plateau, there could be several [...]

Carbs in Medicine: Being Conscious of Hidden Sugar

When was the last time you looked at how much sugar/carbs were in your medicine? Often, we don’t even begin to think about how much of an issue this could be, but when it comes to children with epilepsy who are on a ketogenic diet, this can be particularly troublesome. A recent study examined 38 [...]

How Can the Ketogenic Diet Influence Mood and Behavior?

Going keto can influence various bodily systems and processes as well as your mood and behavior. The ketogenic diet, the healthy fats, and the ketones are beneficial for your brain, and research abounds highlights the many ways going keto can positively influence your cognitive functioning, behavior, and mood.   What Does the Research Show? Starting...

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Are Shirataki and Konjac Noodles Keto? Your Guide to Keto Pasta

You can choose from many keto pasta replacements that are low-carb and keto-friendly, such as konjac noodles! What are konjac noodles? What’s the nutrient content of konjac noodles? How can you include them in your ketogenic diet? Let’s dive in.   What are Konjac Noodles? In the keto space, konjac noodles are often dubbed the [...]

Mexico Fights Childhood Obesity By Banning Junk Food Sales

Childhood obesity continues to rise and 2020 certainly hasn’t helped improve this situation. In 2018, a Mexican government health survey found that 75% of Mexican children were overweight or obese, while it was around 19% in the US according to the CDC. However, mandatory stay at home orders combined with kids being homeschooled has led [...]

How To Be Keto At Burger King: A Beginner’s Guide To Keto Fast Food

For many, Burger King is considered the King of fast food burgers. When you want a burger, and you want it fast, you might try Burger King, but don't know what to do if you're following a ketogenic diet. Yes, fast food is not the most healthy or nutritious, but we also understand that everyone [...]

What Is A Keto Diet? A Quick & Easy Guide To Ketosis

Last year your friend tried keto and lost weight! Before that, your other family member mentioned going keto for their autoimmune disease. Keto seems to be everywhere but what is a keto diet and how does it work? Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you get started on the ketogenic diet. What is [...]

Counting Calories on Keto: What You Need to Know

You might decide to count calories on keto to help you reach your weight loss goals. While many people lose weight on keto without tracking calories, others find it useful to stay on the keto track, and it might help prevent you from overeating. Let’s discuss top tips for calorie-counting on keto. How Can Counting [...]

Sardines On Keto: What Are The Benefits?

Sardines are like marmite or pickled okra; you either like it or you don’t. Sardines are an acquired taste, a keto-approved, budget-friendly snack, and nutrient-dense food! Sardines are popular on keto for several reasons.   What are Sardines? Sardines are small oily fish thought to be named after an island in Italy called Sardinia. Copious [...]

The Importance of Potassium on Keto

Potassium is a mineral that’s essential for your body to function properly. So, what are the risks of potassium deficiency? What are the benefits of consuming potassium-rich foods? Where can you find the best keto-friendly food sources of potassium?   What is Potassium? Potassium is a type of electrolyte that assists with nerve functioning and [...]

Keto Spices & Herbs To Stock Your Kitchen with

Herbs can be bitter, spicy, refreshing, and nutritious. Intuitively, you would thin that all herbs and spices are keto-friendly, but some are packed full of fillers (like dextrose and maltodextrin). Don't let this dissuade you from adding spices to your favorite keto dishes. As a rule of thumb, try to choose single-ingredient, whole herbs/spices, or [...]

Nutrition Apps: The Secret To Weight Loss On Keto?

Ever-evolving digital technology continues to bring us convenience, connection, accountability, knowledge, and more. While you don’t need to use nutrition apps, some keto dieters swear by digital applications that can make keto a little easier. Whether you want to track and remember the foods you eat, monitor your macronutrients or calories, or something else, nutrition [...]

Antioxidants: What Are They and What Are the Top Keto Sources?

There’s definitely a buzz about antioxidants in the health world. Perusing your local grocery store, you might see the word ‘antioxidant’ on various product labels or produce signs. So, what are these protective molecules, and what are the health benefits? Where can you source the best keto-friendly foods high in antioxidants? What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants [...]

Keto McDonalds Guide: What To Order at Fast Food Restaurants

There’s something about those gleaming golden arches that sparks hunger pangs. If you’re on the go, you can still be keto at McDonalds.   Staying Keto at McDonalds! The good news is you can stay keto at this fast-food favorite. You can usually customize and plan your meal online before you go with the handy [...]

New Keto Research From John Hopkins on COVID-19

On June 17th, 2020 John Hopkins University announced the launch of a breakthrough new clinical research trial on the use of a Keto diet for Intubated Critical Care COVID-19 (KICC-COVID19).  In recent years, research around the interplay between diet, disease, and health outcomes has been rapidly expanding. We’ve seen new research on the use of [...]

Vegetarian Keto: Meatless Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Ketogenic vegetarians unite and share delicious low-carb, meatless recipes! Although following the keto diet and being vegetarian at the same time may seem difficult (hello, bacon burgers are everywhere), you actually have an abundance of dishes and recipes to choose from. Here are some of the most popular keto vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, [...]

The Best Berries on Keto: Your Guide to Keto-Friendly Fruit

Berries are colorful, juicy, antioxidant-rich, refreshing, and keto-friendly…assuming you don’t eat two whole cartons all at once! When it comes to fruits on keto, berries are an excellent choice to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay in ketosis!   Berries on Keto From strawberries and blackberries to blueberries and raspberries, berries are lower in carbohydrates [...]

Magnesium on Keto: It’s Importance and Ketogenic Sources

Magnesium is an important mineral involved in numerous bodily processes and biochemical reactions. You might not be getting sufficient magnesium even if you’re consuming a healthy diet. What are the health benefits of magnesium? What are the signs of a magnesium deficiency? What are the best food sources of magnesium on keto? What is Magnesium? [...]

Keto Taco Bell: How to Order Keto at Mexican Restaurants

When you think of Mexican style food, you probably conjure up images of hearty puffy rice, creamy guacamole and cheese, tangy sour cream, and beefy burritos! From Taco Bell to your local Mexican restaurant, there are ways to stay keto and still delight in tasty dishes.   Top Tips for Staying Keto at Taco Bell! [...]

The Case for Including Veggies on Keto Diet

You’ve heard “eat your vegetables” a million times and with good reason. Veggies are a nutritious food group that gives you fiber and improves your health. So, why should you include veggies and herbs into your ketogenic diet? What are the health benefits of consuming those colorful herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens? What are the...

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss: Scam or Science?

Have you heard that you can use apple cider vinegar for weight loss? What’s the deal with this age-old health tonic when it comes to weight loss? Can adding apple cider vinegar to your diet assist you on your weight loss journey?   What is Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar derived [...]

Increased Demand for Sugar-Free Russell Stover Chocolate: A Call for Celebration and Concern

Recently an article came out titled “Better-for-you, sugar-free entice consumers amid COVID-19” from This article highlighted the explosion of sugar-free chocolate sales. Among the most popular sugar-free chocolates were Russell Stover, Lily’s Chocolate, and Hershey’s. It’s no surprise that consumers are looking for better “healthy” chocolate options amid the current crisis. After all, the [...]

Cauliflower Rice and Other Keto High-Carb Substitutes

When you’re envisioning carb-heavy comfort foods and side dishes like puffy rice, creamy pasta, and doughy bread, the temptation might just entice you into a cheat day if you don’t have keto-approved alternatives. Your weakness might be greasy fries, mouthwatering mash, or palatable pizza. Thankfully, you can choose from a range of low-carb keto alternatives [...]

Is Tofu an Acceptable Keto Meat Substitute for Vegans?

If you’re vegetarian or vegan and following a ketogenic diet, you may be looking for a keto meat substitute to help you get in your protein, but without all of the carbs! Tofu is a low-carb meat substitute that can be exchanged for meat in many keto recipes.   What is Tofu? The best meat...

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What is the Keto Carnivore Diet?

When you think carnivore, you probably think meat, meat, and more meat, but there’s a little more to the carnivore diet than just meat. Keto carnivore is one of the different versions of the ketogenic diet. People go keto carnivore for several reasons, from digestive issues to weight loss and fitness goals. Let’s explore the [...]

Keto Sugar-Free Drinks to Help You Curb Cravings

Keto Sugar-Free Drinks to Help You Curb Cravings

Psyllium Husk: Is It Keto and What Are the Benefits?

Psyllium husk is one of the latest popular fibers for conjuring up tasty treats to help with constipation. If you’ve heard of psyllium, you might be curious about what it is and what you can do with it. What are the benefits? Is it a suitable fiber for the ketogenic diet?   What is Psyllium [...]

How To Be Keto At Chick Fil A: Fast Food Diet Tips

Chick-Fil-A is a popular fast food restaurant with delicious chicken dishes. You might think Chick Fil A is a no-go on keto, but if you select the right items, you can delight in Chick Fil A from time to time and still stay in ketosis. Staying keto while you’re on-the-go can be tricky, but lots [...]

Is Tequila Keto? Tips for Low Carb Alcohol

Is Tequila Keto? Tips for Low Carb Alcohol

Keto Comfort Foods: Low Carb Alternatives for Carb Heavy Dishes

Those mouthwatering tempting carb-heavy comfort foods can really kick you off the keto track. Many of your favorite dishes are probably off the keto menu, so what can you do to satisfy those cravings? Why jeopardize your health and fitness goals and risk the keto flu when you can find delicious keto-compliant replacements instead? You [...]

What To Do If You Are a Victim of a Keto Scam: Steps to Getting Your Money Back from Shark Tank Keto Pills

While we have released several articles and videos addressing the “Shark Tank” keto pill scam, we still receive hundreds of comments and DMs from individuals who were not lucky enough to see our information before they bought the pills and are now wondering what they can do.  People are losing hundreds of dollars with this [...]

What Are The Best Keto Oils (For Cooking And More)?

On the keto diet, it’s best to cook with healthy natural oils and fats that can withstand higher temperatures without altering the molecular and chemical structure. Cooking with the right fats is also another way for you to get even more healthy fats in your diet to keep you satiated and keep you in ketosis....

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Bone Broth On Keto: Five Reasons To Include It In Your Diet

Bone broth is an ancient, nutritious food renowned for healing the digestive system. Not only is bone broth on keto a great choice, but it also provides a range of health benefits. What’s the nutrient content of bone broth, and how can it positively affect your health? What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is a [...]

Keto on a Budget: Lose Weight Without Breaking the Bank

Starting any nutrition plan can get expensive unless you know certain ways to make it cheaper. Thankfully, the ketogenic diet is affordable if you have the know-how. Watch your wallet with these top tips for keto on a budget. 1)   Pre-Planning and Meal-Prepping Plan your meals ahead of time to make your grocery trip more [...]

What is a Fat Fast and Should You Try It?

Fat fasting is a method of dieting used to accelerate weight loss. Many people use this method to breakthrough weight loss plateaus or to get back into ketosis after a cheat day. Let's answer some important questions about this fasting method like what is a fat fast, is it safe, and is it effective? What [...]

Caviar on Keto: Celebrating National Caviar Day

Caviar is a delicacy in many parts of the globe. Caviar is a nutritious food and a great choice on the keto diet. What is Caviar? Caviar or roe refers to fish eggs — an exotic luxury in the United States. Caviar often refers more specifically to sturgeon eggs that are lightly salted or cured [...]

What are Chaffles and are They Keto?

Chaffles aren’t just cheesy, crispy, melty, golden brown, and delicious, they’re also sugar-free, low-carb, and easy to conjure up in the kitchen! All you need is a few minutes and two ingredients: eggs and cheese.   What are Chaffles? Chaffles are one of the latest culinary innovations in the keto world. They are a low-carb [...]

Keto Diet Pills Scandal: Calling the Keto Scam Company

I never thought that I would be uploading a part 4 in this Shark Tank Keto Pill Scam, but here I am over a year later. We’ve received hundreds of comments and DMs and I am happy to say that so many people have been saved from this scam by us making these videos, so [...]

Keto Approved Foods: Simple Keto Grocery Guide

You know you have to lower your carbs, increase your healthy fats, and consume moderate protein, but you don’t know where to start. If you have a good general idea of what foods are keto-friendly or not, your keto shopping trips will be more efficient. Taking time to learn what foods are keto-approved and what [...]

Necessary Macronutrients: Fats and Protein are Necessary…Not Carbohydrates

A lot of research tends to suggest that low-carb diets are often healthier than low-fat or low-protein diets, even though they all work to reduce overall caloric intake. One key reason might lie in which macronutrients are absolutely necessary for survival and which are ones are not. Let's dive further into necessary macronutrients and the...

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How Does Eating Junk Food Impact Your Health?

Is junk food really that bad for your health? What are the possible long-term health implications of eating a junk-food heavy diet? You see the perfectly polished advertisements on television, billboards, and elsewhere enticing you to eat these foods. Junk food is available in almost every grocery or convenience store and it does have its [...]

Weight Loss Tips on Keto

Weight loss is one of the most popular reasons people go keto, but weight loss is far from simple. You might have heard the ketogenic diet can be effective for weight loss, shift your metabolism, and bring a whole host of other health benefits. To aid you on your weight loss journey, here are some [...]

Is Greek Yogurt Keto?

The scrumptious, creamy taste of Greek yogurt is most certainly a treat, but is it keto-friendly? Greek yogurt can be eaten in so many ways: blended with berries for added sweetness or garnished with coconut flakes and nuts for a crunch. With so many brands, flavors, and types to choose from, Greek yogurt can be [...]

Helpful Kitchen Tools for Cooking on Keto

There are some simple tools and appliances you need in any kitchen, such as a good cutting knife, mixing bowls, a can opener, and cutting boards. However, some kitchen tools and gadgets can be especially helpful when you’re on the ketogenic diet. While they might not always be a necessity, many of these tools can [...]

What is a Keto Egg Fast and Should You Try It?

Eggs are tasty, nutrient-dense, and an excellent choice for the ketogenic diet. This versatile food can be transformed into several comforting and popular dishes from fancy frittatas to dangerously deviled eggs. Do you prefer scrumptiously scrambled, perfectly poached, sunny side up, or a classic omelet? You might have heard about a keto egg fast — [...]

Holy Guacamole! Health Benefits of Avocado

Avocados are a staple of the ketogenic diet. They are high in fat and low in carbs, but what are the other health benefits of avocado? Let's dive into some delicious avocado recipes and all of the benefits from incorporating them into your diet! Guacamole makes many mouths water. Is it garnished with a hint [...]

Benefits of Fermented Foods on Keto!

You might have heard about fermented foods through the grapevine. They might have seemed like some exotic or rural foods, but people from all over the globe frequently eat fermented foods due to the numerous health benefits. There’s plenty of buzz about fermented foods in the world of natural medicine and nutrition. So, what’s all [...]

What is Paleo Keto and Should You Try It?

Paleo keto is another version of the ketogenic diet that’s steadily becoming more popular, especially for those with autoimmune conditions and certain chronic diseases. What is this nutrition plan and what are the possible benefits? Why do people go paleo keto? What is the Paleo Diet? Paleo refers to the paleolithic diet or lifestyle that’s [...]

Keto Side Effects and How to Solve Them!

Going keto can bring a multitude of benefits for your health, but it can also bring certain symptoms and side effects. If you’re going keto, it’s useful to know about the possible side effects and how to avoid them. This way you can have a smoother transition to the ketogenic diet and experience the benefits...

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Keto For Autism: Can the Ketogenic Diet Help?

The ketogenic diet has shown promise with a range of neurological disorders, including autism. So, what is autism? What does the research say about keto for autism?   What is Autism? Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition associated with brain development. Spectrum refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity. Autism [...]

What Is the Keto Rash and How Can You Avoid It?

With the low-carb ketogenic diet sometimes comes unwanted side effects…like the keto rash. So, what is this peculiar rash and what can you do about it?   What is the Keto Rash? On keto, your body runs on ketones from fat instead of glucose from carbohydrates. Some people experience a keto rash (prurigo pigmentosa) — [...]

What is the Snake Diet and will it Help with Weight Loss?

Countless diet plans spiral around the health and fitness world from celery juice to the raw food diet. You might have heard about the Snake Diet and how it can promote rapid weight loss. So, what is the Snake Diet? Is it safe? Is it an effective method for weight loss? How does it compare [...]

How to Prevent Headaches On Keto

A swollen, throbbing head and sore temples aren’t fun for anyone. Headaches on keto can be a common occurrence, especially at the beginning when you’re first transitioning to this new way of eating. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer through them! There are a few simple ways to prevent headaches on [...]

What To Do After Cheating on Keto: 10 Simple Tips

What do you do after you give in to the temptation of cheating on keto? How can you shift your metabolism back into a state of ketosis as smoothly as possible? Many keto dieters avoid cheat days or cheat meals on keto because it can cause certain problems or hinder your health and fitness goals. [...]

Benefits of Cruciferous Veggies on Keto

The crunchy, the sulfur-rich, and the savory...cruciferous veggies pack a powerful nutritious punch and a whole lot of comforting flavor. Using these nutrient-dense veggies creates hearty, flavorful keto dishes. So, what exactly are cruciferous veggies on keto?   What are the Cruciferous Vegetables? Cruciferous veggies are a large and diverse group of plants that yield...

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Keto Diet Plan for Beginners: Get Started Now!

If you’re new to the ketogenic diet, you might have unanswered questions and need some advice. How do you get started on keto? Do you need a keto diet plan? What if you need a snack? What about when you’re busy and on the go? There’s lots of misinformation about the keto diet in the [...]

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Your Metabolism

If you’ve heard the term basal metabolic rate floating around in the health and fitness world, you might be wondering what it means. What is your BMR? How does it affect weight loss? How does the ketogenic diet affect your BMR? Let’s discuss the basal metabolic rate. What is Your Basal Metabolic Rate? Your basal...

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Kids Multivitamins: Do They Need Them?

Families try a ketogenic diet with their children for a multitude of reasons, from weight loss and epilepsy to autism and autoimmune disease. One of the biggest questions is: Do kids need to supplement with multivitamins on keto? As children develop, they need certain vitamins and nutrients for optimal growth and development. If you’ve decided [...]

Blood Sugar Regulation and the Impact of Glucose

How does sugar impact your metabolism? What exactly is glucose and what is blood sugar regulation? How does the ketogenic diet affect your blood sugar? What happens when you consume too much glucose?  What is Glucose? Glucose is a monosaccharide — the simplest of carbohydrates with only one sugar. Other monosaccharides are fructose and ribose. [...]

Keto For Diabetes: What You Need to Know

What is diabetes and is the ketogenic diet a good idea? Around the world, people are trying the ketogenic diet for diabetes. What does the research say? Can the keto diet be used to improve blood glucose levels and diabetes? What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a complex medical condition that impacts how your body processes [...]

What is Tapioca Fiber and Is It Keto?

You might have heard about tapioca through the keto grapevine. So, is it keto-friendly? What is it used for? Where does it come from? What’s the nutritional value of tapioca fiber? Read on for some answers and helpful info on this interesting food derived from the cassava plant. What is Tapioca Fiber? Tapioca refers to [...]

Low Carb Vegetables and Fruit Allowed on Keto

You might be wondering about the best keto friendly fruits and vegetables. You’ll be happy to know you can choose from lots of different nutrient-dense colorful veggies and fruits to add to your keto menu. In general, you want to steer more toward vegetables than fruits on keto, since fruits usually contain more sugar. If [...]

Keto for Diabetes: Can The Ketogenic Diet Help?

What is diabetes and is the ketogenic diet a good idea? Around the world, people are trying the keto for diabetes. What does the research say? Can the ketogenic diet improve blood sugar levels and regulate hormones like insulin? What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a medical condition that impacts how your body processes glucose — [...]

Choosing Quality Food and Why It Is So Important

Just because you’re on the ketogenic diet doesn’t necessarily mean you're food is the healthiest or highest quality. Sometimes it’s about what you know and where to go. For example, if you know that organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef is healthier than grain-fed, factory-farmed beef, you can try to choose this option as much as possible [...]

The Problem With Calories In Vs Calories Out (CI/CO)

Human health, metabolism, and weight loss aren’t quite as simple as calories in vs. calories out. Different calories have different metabolic effects on the body and the body’s various physiological processes. The same number of calories in a head of broccoli and a processed granola bar doesn’t have the same metabolic impact on the body. [...]

The Many Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

You might be surprised by the numerous benefits and different uses of coconut oil. As a high-fat food, coconut oil is a great choice for the keto lifestyle. From cooking and frying at higher temperatures to moisturizing your skin, let's discuss the benefits of coconut oil. What are the Benefits of Coconut oil? Coconut oil...

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Leg Cramps on Keto (and How to Prevent Them)

Why do some people experience leg cramps on keto? What could be causing these muscle spasms and how can you prevent it? Cramps are localized, involuntary muscle contractions that can be painful. They’re most common in the legs. Leg cramps can last several seconds or a few minutes. Most leg cramps are over in a [...]

Carbs in Carrots: Are Carrots Keto?

Carrots are a healthy, tasty vegetable with lots to offer, but are they suitable for a ketogenic diet? The answer is kind of… with some considerations and limitations. Carrots are a bit of a gray area on keto. So, let’s talk about carrots!   Carbs in Carrots The water content of carrots varies from around [...]

Father’s Day Keto Recipes Dad Will love!

Your dad deserves to be celebrated and adored all year round, but on Father’s Day, it’s time to push the boat out…or heat the stove up? Nutritious foods that fuel the body with nutrients and taste delicious are always a special gift and a way to make cherished family memories that last a lifetime. You’d [...]

Keto Summer Recipes for Cookouts, BBQs, and More!

It’s officially summer! The temperatures are rising, beaches and parks are starting to fill up, and the kids are out of school (well, virtual school for most!).  You’ve been working all year on that beach body (although to be clear, all bodies are beach bodies) and now it’s time to celebrate the start of summer [...]

Keto Martini Recipes for National Martini Day

Friday, June 19th is National Martini day and you know what that means-- we’re going to celebrate keto style! While following the ketogenic diet does require you to limit alcohol consumption and some drinks are strictly off-limits, you can enjoy the occasional martini! Here is a step-by-step guide to building the perfect keto martini.   [...]

Top No Carb Foods for Keto Dieters

What are the best no carb and low-carb foods on the keto diet? When you’re living the ketogenic lifestyle, you want to steer toward the lowest carb foods like fats, oils, uncured meats, and certain cheeses. Foods with the lowest carb count and the highest fat content work best for the keto diet.  Going keto [...]

5 Low Starch Keto Vegetables You Need to Try!

When first starting the keto diet, many people make the mistake of completely cutting out all (or almost all) vegetables. Yes, some vegetables are higher in carbs, but there are plenty of delicious, low-starch veggies you can still enjoy on the ketogenic diet. Starch in Vegetables Carbohydrates can be split into three main groups: fiber, [...]

High Cholesterol on Keto: What Does it Mean?

One of the biggest areas of misinformation about the ketogenic diet deals with cardiovascular health and cholesterol. So, what’s the deal with cholesterol? How does keto impact cholesterol and what should you do if you have high cholesterol on keto? In order to answer these questions, first, you just understand what cholesterol is and what...

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Keto for Epilepsy and Seizures

For decades the keto diet has been used in the treatment of epilepsy. A nutrient-dense high-fat, low-carb diet can benefit brain health, diabetes, epilepsy and other neurological disorders, and more.   What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder (neurological) involving abnormal brain activity that results in unprovoked seizures or periods of unusual [...]

Five Tasty Keto Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day!

Your first meal in the morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you have plenty of breakfast options from quick and easy meals to satiating baked dishes. Scroll through our keto breakfast recipes to find keto renditions of your old favorite comfort foods and breakfast [...]

What is Dirty Keto and Should You Do It?

Just because you’re on the ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you’re consuming healthy, nutrient-dense foods that are right for your body. Going keto, lowering your carbs, and increasing your fat intake can still take you down the path of certain unhealthy processed foods that aren’t good for your health. People have many reasons for going on [...]

Is Popcorn Keto?

As you envision the butter melting and drizzling over the puffy, crunchy popcorn, why wouldn’t you ask the question: is popcorn keto? Depending on if you can eat corn, or more specifically, dried corn kernels, the answer is yes…with some considerations and limitations. What is Popcorn? Popcorn is a tasty snack made from dried corn [...]

What are Trans Fats and Why Are They Bad?

You’ve probably heard about the infamous trans fats (trans-fatty acids), and how you should try to avoid them. Trans fats still pose a public health problem, even though awareness of trans fats has increased, regulators have restricted use, and overall intake of trans fats has declined. So, what are these fats and what are the [...]

Coffee on Keto: Can Caffeine Increase Ketone Levels?

It seems like nearly every ketogenic dieter likes to incorporate a nice cup of morning Joe into their routine, especially Joe loaded with fat! Coffee has many health benefits associated with it and in the ketogenic community, coffee is often consumed during the fasting period to increase energy and curb appetite.  This makes coffee almost [...]

Ten Best Keto Foods & Ingredients To Have in Your Pantry

Stocking your pantry with keto-friendly go-to staples is one of the many ways you can make the ketogenic lifestyle a little easier. Streamline your cooking, baking, snacking, and more with the right keto foods and products in your pantry. Satisfy hunger pangs and cravings without getting kicked out of ketosis. Check out the top ten...

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Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

In recent years, large companies and foundations such as the American Heart Association, the National Institute of Health, and even the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have preached that high-fat diets contribute or even result in a variety of diseases.  This has led to recommendations from practitioners and alike that it is important to consume [...]

Ghee vs Butter: What’s the Difference?

While ghee has recently gained popularity as a sort of “superfood,” it has been used as a therapeutic agent for thousands of years. Despite the popularization of many new ghee-based companies and uses for ghee, many of us do not understand what it is or why it might be beneficial to us. After all, what’s [...]

Carbohydrates: The Complete Guide to Understanding Carbs

On a standard diet, carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for the human body, whereas, on the ketogenic diet, fat becomes the primary macronutrient. Carbohydrates are derived from various sources, such as grains, legumes (beans), corn, fruit, dairy, and vegetables. Not all sources are equal; carbohydrate sources can be divided into the following three categories: [...]

What’s the Difference Between Low Carb and Keto?

You might be wondering about the difference between the keto diet and just going low carb. Let’s dive in… What is Low Carb? Simply speaking, going low carb means lowering the number of carbohydrates you’re consuming. With low carb, you’re more mindful of the carbs in your diet and limiting or avoiding carb-heavy foods like [...]

Five Convenient Keto Foods When You’re On the Go!

If you’re busy and on the go, it’s best to have keto-friendly snacks and foods that are convenient, practical, tasty, and nutritious. You want snacks that won’t spoil or quickly go rancid without refrigeration. Here are five convenient keto foods for when you’re on the go! 1 ) Go Nuts! Macadamia nuts are a great [...]

Keto Donut Recipes for National Donut Day

Who doesn’t love donuts (or doughnuts if you don’t live in America)? They are fried, sweet little treats that can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack of anywhere in between. But, like with most sweets, donuts are typically full of sugar! A Krispy Kreme donut will average between 10-30g of sugar, whereas a Dunkin [...]

Is Cheese Keto Friendly?

In general, most cheeses are keto-friendly foods with higher fat content and lower carbohydrate content. Some cheeses are a better choice for keto than others and certain cheeses have been heavily processed with various fillers added, some of the fat removed, and the sugar (lactose) content increased. You’ll want to avoid heavily processed, low-fat cheeses [...]

Your Ultimate Guide to Eggs on Keto!

Eggs are a delicious keto-friendly food you can prepare and enjoy in many different ways. You could try scrambled, fried, or baked in a tasty dish like a keto-friendly quiche. Eggs have been vilified in recent decades for their saturated fat and cholesterol content, but impressive science and research exonerates eggs and highlights them as [...]

Getting Started With Keto Meal Prep

Meal prepping is often touted as the key to success on a diet. After all, it's hard to fall off track if you already have your meals prepped and ready to go. In fact, many people find that meal prep is extremely helpful specifically on the keto diet because you are less likely to get...

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Inspirational Keto Doctor Stories: Fighting Disease with Keto

From celebrities to the average Joe and everyone in between, many people have discovered the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. In this article, we will highlight three inspirational keto doctor stories from individuals who have used the ketogenic diet as nutritional therapy to improve their health. Dr. Terry Wahls: The Wahls Protocol Dr. Wahls [...]

Are Olives Keto Friendly?

What’s the deal with olives on keto? Are these colorful little balls of goodness a keto compliant choice? The answer is a resounding yes! Olives are generally quite high in fat and low in carbohydrates. The main kind of fat found in olive oil and olives is monounsaturated fatty acids — a natural healthy dietary [...]

Keto Intermittent Fasting: Trying I.F. on the Ketogenic Diet

Intermittent fasting can be an excellent complement to your keto diet. You don’t need to fast, but it can provide a multitude of benefits if you do. What’s intermittent fasting, short-term, or long-term fasting? Let’s dive in.    What is Intermittent Fasting? If you split the word breakfast you’re left with the two words ‘break [...]

Keto for Brain Health: The Cognitive Benefits of Going Keto

One of the most widely known and well-studied benefits of the ketogenic diet is for epilepsy and seizure reduction. The ketogenic diet and the healthy fats and ketones that come along with it seem to have profound positive effects on the brain and cognitive functioning. Many people praise the improved clarity they feel as the [...]

Keto Dessert Recipes & Tips for Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Even if you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your cravings and still stay healthy on keto with the right foods, choices, and sweet-tasting keto-friendly dishes. Here are tips for satisfying your sweet tooth and treating yourself to your favorite keto dessert recipes.   Tips for Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth 1) Find Replacements for [...]

Keto and Inflammation: Here’s the Scoop on Keto and Inflammatory Disease

Research shows the ketogenic diet can reduce inflammation — a key factor involved in many diseases. The keto diet can boost antioxidant production, lower inflammation, and more [1,2].   What is Inflammation? In the body, inflammation is the immune system’s response to an irritant. A wound that turns red, swells up, and becomes painful could [...]

What is Orthorexia? The Importance of Avoiding Overthinking and Stress

What is Orthorexia? The Importance of Avoiding Overthinking and Stress on Keto

How Do You Start Keto? Tips for Finding Success on the Ketogenic Diet

With a little forward-thinking and planning, the right tips and advice, and the right tools in your keto toolkit, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals. Just by asking the question “How do I start keto?” you’re already priming yourself for keto success.  Keto Diet FAQ's It’s helpful to at least...

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Keto Diet Foods: How to Start Shopping for Ketogenic Meals

Embarking on any new nutrition plan can seem daunting and the ketogenic diet is no different. Many people aren’t sure where to start and have countless questions. What foods are keto-friendly? What foods aren’t? What about keto beverages or snacks? Should I look more closely at my macronutrients? What if I want a sweet treat [...]

Wine on Keto: How to Choose the Best Ketogenic Alcohol

You’ve worked hard to stay in ketosis and you don’t want to risk kicked out because you indulged in a glass of your favorite wine. Alcohol has a lot of sugar, after all, so what does that mean for wine on keto? Let’s breakdown whether or not alcohol is keto-friendly and how to choose the right wine on the ketogenic diet.

Constipation on Keto: Solving GI Issues on the Ketogenic Diet

Many people experience a smooth transition to the ketogenic diet and enjoy the newfound energy and the many benefits that come along with it. Some people might find themselves dealing with constipation. Fortunately, there are different ways to relieve constipation on keto and regulate digestion and bowel movements.

The Keto Diet and Blood Pressure: What Does the Research Say?

It’s National High Blood Pressure Awareness Day! The ketogenic diet can bring a myriad of health benefits as people replace heavy starches and sugars with healthy fats, proteins, and nutrient-dense lower carb foods. There are a lot of misconceptions about the effects of the ketogenic diet on heart health, so let's discuss what the research [...]

Fat Fiction Documentary: How Fats Have Been Wrongly Demonized

The documentary film Fat Fiction directed by Jennifer Isenhart shines a bright and harsh spotlight on the demonization of dietary fat. This eye-opening film spans the decades of the shady history of questionable science, manipulated data, and misinformation that pivoted the diet of most of America with a ripple effect worldwide. What is the Fat [...]

Keto for Weight Loss: What Can You Expect?

Word’s out that the ketogenic diet and lifestyle promotes weight loss. Obesity is surging and associated with numerous health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke [1]. People are turning to keto to budge the bulge and improve health, wellness, and quality of life. With keto, weight loss can occur quickly and most weight [...]

3 Reasons You Should Avoid a Cheat Day on Keto

Cheat days are tempting, but cheat days + keto are not a good match. Here are four reasons why you should skip the cheat day.

Gluten-Free Keto: Using the Ketogenic Diet for Celiac Disease

Whether it’s for celiac disease, autoimmune disease, gluten sensitivity, or another reason, going gluten-free keto is perfectly manageable with the right tools, tricks, and tips, and a little forward-thinking and planning.   What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein present in grains. The gluten in barley, rye, wheat, and triticale can lead to various health...

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Keto Supplements: Which Are Beneficial and Which Are a Scam?

There’s no doubt that consistency and commitment are the foundations of ketogenic dieting. This means a lifestyle commitment to getting enough sleep, keto-friendly foods, adjusting your macros to favorably fit nutrient programming, and making sure you get enough exercise to catalyze results (exercise and non-exercise physical activity (NEPA)). Adherence is especially important to ketogenic dieting [...]

What is the Keto Flu and How Can You Prevent It?

If you have heard about the ketogenic diet or have done one yourself, chances are you have heard of or experience the keto-flu.  Furthermore, if you have heard about bad experiences with the ketogenic diet then chances are you talked to someone who just couldn’t beat the keto flu. The keto flu often seems like [...]

Benefits of Walnuts: 5 Reasons to Eat Walnuts on Keto

Walnuts have well-balanced macronutrients and are packed full of micronutrients, making a keto snack with numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Keto Collagen: Understanding Keto Diet Supplements

The keto diet is high in fat and very low in carbs. Certain supplements can promote nutritional balance and other benefits while following a ketogenic diet. Collagen is rich in amino acids and contains primarily protein. These amino acids present in collagen have numerous benefits like supporting healthy joints, skin, hair, and nails, as well [...]

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies and Other Delicious Desserts

It seems like there is a national holiday for just about everything. From National Waffle Day to National Pie Day, to National Margarita day, it would appear that people really love to celebrate food! There is nothing wrong with this concept, but, since all of these foods are typically carb-heavy, they can leave ketogenic dieters [...]

Top 5 Must-Have Keto Diet Foods

Living a ketogenic lifestyle means increasing your fat intake, monitoring your protein intake, and restricting your carbohydrate intake.  For some individuals, this may lead to eating as much bacon and heavy whipping cream as the body can manage.  While dietary fat is important on a ketogenic diet, the overall composition of the dietary fat is [...]

The Role of Fats in Hormone Regulation

“Hormone” is one of those words that most people can use in a sentence & have a general conversation about at a surface level. Yet, the overwhelming majority of the population has no clue what a hormone really is. This is not deliberate ignorance, as not many people have a reason to know. Think about [...]

Cravings, Hunger, or Food Addiction

It is important to talk about the differences between cravings and hunger, as they are two very different sensations. In general, when a person eats, hunger goes away. When you feed a craving, however, it tends to become stronger. Eliminating cravings is a major goal and a fundamental feature of a ketogenic diet – not...

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What is Allulose: Keto Sweetener Ultimate Guide

Say goodbye to sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners, and hello to this popular, new, natural sugar! Let’s breakdown common questions like what is allulose, and is it keto-friendly?

What are Micronutrients and Why are They Important?

You may know them by the name vitamins and minerals, but whatever you call them, give it up for … micronutrients! In a nutshell, micronutrients are necessary for healthy development, immunity to diseases, and general day-to-day wellbeing. Especially in the COVID-19 era. Although they are only necessary in minuscule quantities, not having micronutrients can lead [...]

Stress Eating on Keto: How to Prevent Cravings on the Ketogenic Diet

Shifting to a keto diet can be dramatic. Going from a carb-fueled meal plan that can be driven by sugar cravings and erratic blood sugar to a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic plan is literally turning things upside down. During this transition, you may start to realize that your eating wasn’t always driven by hunger, and that [...]

Keto Breakfast Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Have you ever seen that meme that says “Mother’s day is hard when your mom deserves an island but all you can afford is a candle”? It can seem nearly impossible to celebrate this holiday just right, but gifts aside, moms typically just appreciate the thought and care you put into celebrating their special day. [...]

Benefits of MCT Oil for Ketogenic Dieters

Coconut oil and MCT oil has surged in popularity among the health and nutrition community. It is often regarded as a cure-all for many problems, but what does the research say? What are the science-backed benefits of MCT oil?

Stroke Rehabilitation: Research on the Ketogenic Diet & Strokes

The ketogenic diet has a bad reputation when it comes to cardiovascular health, but research actually suggests going keto might improve cardiovascular health and might be beneficial for stroke prevention and rehabilitation.

Red Meat Consumption: A Bone of Contention

Red meat is a bone of contention in nutrition science, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) classes it as a carcinogen along with cigarettes. As far as the truth behind these claims goes, the evidence the WHO uses to classify red meat as carcinogenic is epidemiological data which often fails to differentiate between correlation and...

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Fish Fat Superiority: It’s in the Omegas

Fish is often touted as being a superior protein source but why is this?  Could it be the superior fat source? It is well known that omega 3 fatty acids are healthy and good for the brain, but why is this?   Omega 3 Fats Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). They [...]

Keto Cinco de Mayo Recipes to Celebrate With

You don’t have to miss out on Cinco de Mayo just because you’re keto! Enjoy these keto recipes instead!

Keto Flour: Your Guide to Low-Carb Flour Alternatives

If you’re following a keto diet, you’re going to want to eat more than just meat. Here’s a look at the best flour alternatives for keto baking and recipes.

Bone Broth on Keto: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Bone broth has been popular in recent years, but it’s an age-old food use for many centuries. Still, some wonder if the nutrition is really there, or if it was just an old-fashioned way of not wasting anything. Read on to learn how this superfood can benefit your keto diet.

Is Coconut Flour Keto?

A high-fiber and low-fat option, coconut flour is popular among those who follow alternative diets like gluten-free, ketogenic, and Paleo.

What Are Macros & How Are They Calculated?

In order to be successful in your weight loss and keto diet journey, you need to know the basics about macronutrients (macros) and how to calculate them.

Is Almond Flour Keto?

Whether you are allergic to gluten, following a low-carb diet, or want an alternative higher in fiber, there are many reasons to use almond flour. For those following a ketogenic diet, determining whether it fits into their macros and how to use it for keto recipes is a common question.

Keto While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Nutrition is always important but when pregnant, proper eating habits become even more vital. Going keto can have both pros and con while pregnant and it's important to understand both of these. As always, if you are considering following the ketogenic diet while pregnant, please consult your physician first. Cons of  Being Keto While Pregnant [...]

Keto Diet & Epilepsy: Safety for infants

The keto diet is a well-known treatment for epilepsy and seizures, but is it safe for infants? Let's look at the benefits, side-effects, and uses of a ketogenic diet for infants.

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Glycemic Index VS. Glycemic Load

Ultimately there is not a one-size-fits-all carb count for people on a ketogenic diet, but you can use the glycemic load to determine whether or not certain carbohydrate-rich foods are going to sabotage your efforts to get into, or stay in, ketosis.

Keto for Athletes: Are Carbs Essential for Performance?

Ketogenic dieting is a powerful tool that can be utilized for aerobic performance whether you are a professional marathon runner, high school cross-country competitor, or a recreational endurance athlete.

Celebrate National Pretzel Day with Keto Pretzels

National Pretzel Day is April 26th, but if you’re following the ketogenic diet, that probably means you won’t be indulging in a free celebratory pretzel from your local Auntie Ann’s or Mrs. Fields. Lucky for you, one of the best parts about the ketogenic diet, is the fact you never have to cut out your favorite [...]

Keto Sweeteners: Which are the Best?

Just because you’re keto doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sweets! Here are the top 4 keto sweeteners you can have without fear of getting kicked out of ketosis!

Insulin Resistance and the Ketogenic Diet

Insulin resistance is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes and is caused by the desensitization of insulin receptors. Insulin resistance can cause high glucose levels and cause cell starvation.

Finding Hope: Using the Keto Diet for Depression

A number of studies are confirming the possibility of using the keto diet for depression and the alleviation of the condition’s symptoms.

Monk Fruit: What is it & is it Keto Friendly?

Monk fruit is a popular low-calories sweetener, but is it keto friendly? Let’s look at what the research says about consuming monk fruit on keto.

Benefits of Chia Seeds on the Ketogenic Diet

Chia seeds are small, black seeds that often added to foods to add texture and volume, but research suggests that they may also provide numerous health benefits.

Top Health Benefits of Garlic for National Garlic Day

Garlic is a culinary staple in many kitchens but, did you know it may also have a place in your medicine cabinet (metaphorically speaking)! Garlic has many proven health benefits including boosting natural immunity.

Is Allulose Keto?

There are so many sweeteners on the market. Some cause GI issues, while others spike blood glucose levels, so how do you know which ones you can trust? Well, the answer is in the research. So, what does the research say about allulose and is it keto?

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Are Vegetables Necessary in the Human Diet?

If you’re keto, you might wonder which vegetables are safe. Starchy veggies are out, and above-ground veggies are in, but do you really need vegetables at all?

Sweeteners on the Ketogenic Diet: Is Stevia Keto?

Is stevia keto-friendly? Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories, but is it keto-friendly? We explore the benefits of this plant extract.

Keto Adaptation Part 2: Hormones and Burning Fat

What is keto adaptation and how does it affect your body? Learn more about hormone changes, rapid weight loss, and fat burning on keto.

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Hormones and Weight Loss: An Overview of Hormonal Weight Gain and Loss

You’ve probably heard that your hormones can play a huge factor in weight loss or weight gain. Have you ever wondered what the main hormones are that play a role in weight management? in this article, we will cover the role of hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin, thyroid hormone, and cortisol in weight loss and gain.

What Is Erythritol and Is It Keto Friendly?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has become popular on the keto diet. But is it truly keto-friendly, and how does it impact blood sugar levels?

Keto and Exercise: How to Work Out on the Keto Diet

Wondering how to work out when you’re on the keto diet? Learn the optimal ways to follow keto and exercise to promote ketosis and great results.

Health Benefits of Keto: New Research on Asthma and Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? New research shows the ketogenic diet may be beneficial.

Testosterone on Keto: How are Male Hormones are Affected?

You may be aware that diet can have a tremendous impact on hormone levels. If you struggle with low testosterone, you may be wondering how these levels will be affected on keto.

Keto Diet for Women Over 50: How to Increase Estrogen levels

If you are over 50, you know that your nutrition can have a tremendous impact on your hormone levels. So, how beneficial is the keto diet for women over 50?   Hormone Level Changes There are two primary sex hormones in the body: testosterone and estrogen. Men and women have both; however, men tend to [...]

The Process of Keto Adaptation: Part 1

what is the keto-adaptation process? Minimal consumption of carbohydrates (< 50 grams/day) for an extended period of time results in a phenomenon called keto-adaptation. 

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What is Keto 2.0?

Could this updated version of the ketogenic diet be better than traditional keto? Or is keto 2.0 not worth the hype?

Keto While Breastfeeding: Is It Safe?

You are eager to start the ketogenic diet after giving birth but, what is it safe to be in ketosis while breast feeding?

PCOS, Pregnancy, and Keto

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which includes insulin resistance. Pre-diabetes is also a symptom of PCOS. My father battled diabetes for…

Easter Keto Recipes to Try on Easter Sunday

Easter is filled with family, fun, and lots of food. You may be struggling with what keto foods you can make sure Easter but, have no fear! These Easter keto recipes are perfect for the whole family.

Ketogenic Diet and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How Going Keto Can Help

Ketogenic Diet and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: How Going Keto Can Help

Keto Hair Loss: Why It’s Happening and How to Stop it

Is losing your hair when you first start the keto diet normal? Learn why you might temporarily lose your hair on the keto diet and how to stop it.

How Does Keto Affect Your Libido?

Most people know about the keto flu and how it can zap your gym performance as you transition into ketosis. Another area of performance that doesn’t get as much attention takes place inside the bedroom. Does the keto flu wreak havoc on your sex drive? Let’s take a look at what affects your libido and [...]

How to Measure Breath-Based Ketones

Measuring your ketone bodies is a good indicator of whether or not you’re in ketosis. Find out how (and why) to measure breath-based ketones.

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Keto For Women: Understanding The Effects of Your Menstrual Cycle

Combat cravings, reduce bloating, and fight PMS symptoms by understanding your menstrual cycle and how to manipulate your carb intake on a ketogenic diet.

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Importance of Community and Weight Loss Support Systems

Weight loss support helps you reach your goals. Joining an online support group can help you find the emotional support and motivation you need.

The Ketogenic Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Are you considering trying the ketogenic diet? If so, there are a few things you must know in order to be successful on the diet.

Keto after 65: How Proper Diet Can Help the Elderly

For centuries, humans have been searching for a way to increase life expectancy rates. Advancements in technology and modern medicine have greatly increased the average lifespan and still, millions of dollars are poured into longevity research each year. Yet, improvements in the quality of living have remained fairly stagnant.  In the US, the number of [...]

Keto for Weight Loss: When a Calorie Isn’t Just A Calorie

Do you want to lose weight? The quality of your calories are just as important (or even more important) than the number of calories consumed.

Working Out on Keto: What Are the Best Workouts?

Are you considering working out on keto but aren't sure where to begin? Let’s take a look at three types of workouts on the keto diet that maximize fat burning, muscle building, and overall health.   Resistance Training Also known as strength training, this type of workout involves exercises where your body is working against [...]

Keto Muscle: How to Build Muscle on The Keto Diet

Following the keto diet and want to build muscle? Read more to learn about the best exercises to build muscle on the ketogenic diet.

Cell Power: Types of Fuel for Your Cells (And Which is the Best)

Adenosine triphosphate is the primary source of fuel for cells, but how ATP is created can have a big impact on your energy levels.

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Looking For a New Keto Waffle Recipe? Try One of These!

Who says waffles have to be filled with carbs? These keto waffle recipes are perfect for the whole family. They are low in carbs, but full of flavor!

Immune System Supplements: Which are Scams and Which are Science?

It seems like every flu season there is a new immune system supplement claiming that it will boost immunity and prevent you from getting sick. Now, with the spread of COVID-19, this phenomenon has hit an all-time high. Apple cider vinegar pills, essential oils, and elderberry gummies are flooding social media with claims like these: [...]

Can Exercise Help with Keto Flu?

The keto flu is common as you shift into ketosis, but what does that mean for your workout routine? Here’s how exercise can help.

Your Guide to a Dairy-Free Keto Diet

To help you follow a balanced dairy-free keto diet, make sure you’re getting plenty of non-dairy fats as well as foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Should You Eat Vegetables on a Keto Diet?

You know the keto diet is all about healthy fats, but what about leafy greens? Can you eat vegetables on a keto diet? More importantly, should you eat them?

Keto Not Working? You Might Be Keto-ing Too Hard

Exercising all the time and eating keto-friendly, but struggling to lose weight? You might be keto-ing too hard. Here’s why your keto diet isn’t working.

10 Keto Spring Recipes

After a winter of heavy, comforting foods, spring’s tender veggies fresh from the garden add a refreshing element to your weekly menu. Spring foods tend to pair well with healthy fats, making these spring dishes perfect for those on the ketogenic diet. If you’re not sure how to prep all that lovely produce popping up [...]

Exercises to Lose Fat: Is Cardio or Weight Lifting Better?

Cardio for weight loss and weightlifting for more muscles, right? Not exactly. Find out how both types of exercise help you lose fat.

Behind BHB: Breakdown of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, is a ketone body that fuels many of the benefits of a keto diet. Let’s breakdown BHB, how it works, and why it’s so important.

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Strength, Endurance, & Gaining Muscle on Keto

Every bodybuilder, powerlifter, or weightlifter knows that carbohydrates are a necessary macronutrient for gaining strength and muscle, right? But, research suggests that replacing carbs with fat may be just as beneficial.

Keto St. Patrick’s Day Recipes Everyone Will Love

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is Irish. If you’re heading to a neighborhood block party, a downtown event, or a simple get together, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to indulge without falling out of ketosis. Lucky for you, we have just the thing: seven of the best keto [...]

Keto Snacks & Your Guide to Healthy Quarantine Shopping

For most carb-loving individuals, quarantine snacks consist of items like potato chips, bread, cookies, popcorn, and ice cream. These are the groceries that are nearly depleted in stores across America but, lucky for you, you’re keto. You’re sticking to high-quality snacks and since most Americans aren’t, that means there are more left on the shelves [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Protein On Keto

Whether you’re new to keto or a veteran, you know that carbs take a backseat to fat and protein. Keto is a high-fat and low-carb diet with about 10% of calories from carbs, 30% of calories from protein, and 60% of calories from fat. But what happens if you eat more protein than fat? Let’s [...]

Supplements on Keto: How to Choose a Keto Pre-Workout

When you step into a fitness class or weight room, it’s a rare sight not to find a floor strewn with colorful drinks in shaker cups. What’s inside? Usually a fruity and sweet pre-workout drink. A pre-workout supplement – more commonly known as a pre-workout – contains a variety of ingredients said to improve your [...]

Keto Pie Recipes for National Pi Day

National Pie (π) Day is here  and what better way to celebrate than to make keto-friendly versions of your favorite pies? If you want to indulge  without worrying about too many carbs, these keto pie recipes are for you. Appleless Apple Pie Apples are carb-heavy fruits, but thankfully, this keto apple pie captures the flavor [...]

Ketogenic Diet for Female Athletes

Keto for female athletes? Yes! When it comes to improving sports performance, athletes need nutrition, rest, and hydration. Find out how the ketogenic diet can help boost performance.

Do I Need to Exercise on Keto?

If You're on Keto, Do You Need to Exercise too? You’ve just started keto, and the weight is already falling off. You’re well on your way to reaching your weight loss goals, so do you really need to exercise while you’re on keto?  The short answer is yes. Exercise is necessary whether you’re on keto...

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Fertility Diet: Is the Ketogenic Diet The Answer?

A well-formulated, very low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet seems to be a safe and effective dietary strategy when trying to conceive, especially for those experiencing infertility. Infertility occurs when a woman experiences multiple miscarriages, or cannot get pregnant despite having regular, strategically timed unprotected sex for one year. Infertility is estimated to affect 10-15% of people living...

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How Does a Workout Affect Glucose and Ketone Levels?

Besides promoting weight loss, the ketogenic diet is often used to boost overall health. The diet is well known for its ability to regulate blood glucose levels and ketone levels but working out while on the keto diet can take your health to the next level. Let’s explore how a workout affects blood glucose and [...]

Exercise On Keto: Effects On Endurance

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and a nutrient-dense diet, exercise is essential for losing weight and building muscle. Exercise can help define your muscles, boost your mood, and reduce your risk of developing certain diseases. Endurance workouts like HIIT and CrossFit are two of the most popular options for getting fit. But, diet can [...]

Your Guide to a Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Athletes – both professional and amateur – need energy and endurance to achieve their goals in the gym and on the field. Some elite athletes find that their athletic performance isn’t the greatest on keto, and some even suffer from exercise fatigue and low blood sugar. The targeted ketogenic diet is a solution to these [...]

Honoring Influential Keto Ladies this International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we’d like to celebrate this holiday by highlighting 15 boss babes in our keto community. These ladies are strong and fearless leaders who have persevered through adversity to become major influencers in the keto space. Help share the love this International Women’s Day by reading more about these [...]

How Will the Keto Diet Affect Your Workouts?

What you decide to eat is how you’ll fuel your body throughout the day. While carbohydrates have long been considered the body’s sole source of fuel, studies have shown that ketone bodies are just as effective. What’s more, they don’t create as much metabolic waste as glucose. So how will your workouts be affected on [...]

National Day of Unplugging: The Health Benefits of a Digital Detox

Most people recognize the connection between poor physical health and a decline in mental health, but the opposite is also true. Studies show that when your mental health suffers, your body quickly follows. For example, if you are stressing out over a post on social media, those catabolic hormones can have the same stress response [...]

Intermittent Fasting And Exercise: Is It Safe?

Intermittent Fasting & Exercise: Is It Safe? Intermittent fasting (IF) and the ketogenic diet can go hand-in-hand. Both diets help your body by limiting glucose, although they do so in different ways. Keto limits glucose by adhering to high-fat and low-carb meals, while IF reduces glucose through systematic fasting. If you’re on keto and IF, [...]

Troubleshooting A Keto Plateau: What To Do When You Stop Losing Weight On Keto

Maybe you initially lost a lot of weight on keto, but now your progress has stalled. Or, maybe you sustained a steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, but now even that’s tapered off? Regardless of how you got there, weight loss plateaus can be frustrating – especially if you think you’re doing everything [...]

Does Your Body Think It’s in Starvation Mode on Keto?

Is there a link between keto and starvation mode? Starvation mode stalls weight loss and causes muscle loss. The keto diet does just the opposite.

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Keto Weight Loss Transformation: Crystal Truax

Need some inspiration for your keto weight loss transformation? Check out the story of Crystal, who used the keto diet to get her body back!

5 Ways to Measure Progress (No Scale Needed)

Tracking your progress is the first step in reaching your goals. The scale isn’t the only way to measure progress of weight loss or muscle-building results.

11 Refreshing Keto Drinks to Enjoy

Looking for keto drinks you can enjoy besides water? This list of keto drink recipes will keep you in ketosis while making your taste buds happy.

Delicious Keto Peanut Butter Recipes for Every Peanut Butter Lover

If you are a peanut butter lover, you know that peanut butter is the glue that holds delicious desserts together. It is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen and can be used in everything from chocolates to sandwiches. But, how does peanut butter fit into the ketogenic diet? Natural, sugar-free peanut butter [...]

These New Keto Taco Bell Snacks Have Cheese-Lovers Excited!

Keto may be the last thing that comes to mind when you think about Taco Bell menu items but, the announcement of their new low-carb snack line may make it easier to be keto and follow the ketogenic diet!

Keto Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder that is characterized by memory loss. New research shows a positive connection between the keto diet and Alzheimer’s.

Can You Use the Ketogenic Diet for ALS?

Recent studies are showing the benefits of the ketogenic diet for ALS through the reduction in oxidative stress and the promotion of ATP synthesis.

How Keto Affects Your Hormones: The Good and The Bad

Keto no doubt helps you lose weight. However, there is a topic that needs to be covered: keto and hormones. We’ve got the scoop – the good and the bad.

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The Ketogenic Diet and Eating Disorders: Harmful or Helpful?

The statistics on eating disorders are startling. Did you know that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate amongst any other psychiatric disorder? While eating disorders can affect anyone, females are disproportionately affected; ladies between 15-24 are 12x more likely to die from anorexia than any other cause of death. Currently, ~70 million people are [...]

Best Sources of Healthy Fats on Keto

Not all fats are created equal. Learn which healthy fats you should be eating on the ketogenic diet to optimize your health and results.

Keto Margarita Recipes To Celebrate National Margarita Day

Did you know that there is a national holiday in celebration of margaritas? February 22nd was named National Margarita Day to honor this Mexican drink that was created in 1938. Margaritas are a staple cocktail traditionally made from tequila, orange liqueur (triple sec), and lime juice. They are often blended with ice and served in [...]

Arguments Against Keto: Responding to Keto’s Biggest Complaints

Tired of being told how "bad" the keto diet is? Here are the most common keto claims against the diet along with the research behind the facts.

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Soldiers Going Keto: 5 Reasons Why The Military Should Be On A Ketogenic Diet

While diet may be the last thing on a soldier's mind, there are numerous reasons why the ketogenic diet is beneficial to military personnel. Below are 5 reasons why soldiers should go keto.

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New Research on the Keto Diet and GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome

New research advocates for the ketogenic diet as nutritional therapy for GLUT1 deficiency syndrome.

Breaking a Fast: How To Properly Break a Long-Term Fast

Are you participating in a fasting challenge? Do you ever fast longer than 24 hours? If so, are you breaking your fast with the proper foods? If not, you can be sabotaging all of your progress. Read more to learn about to how properly break a long-term fast.

Keto Probiotics: Are Probiotics Useful on the Keto Diet?

Probiotics are key for improving your gut and digestive health, but are they a good complement to the ketogenic diet? Learn more about keto probiotics.

Top 4 Anti-Keto Arguments (and How to Respond Like a Champ)

Keto gets a lot of push back from people who may not understand the research and proven benefits. Here are the top 5 anti-keto arguments and how to respond.

Keto and Exogenous Ketones: Are They Worth Buying?

Should you buy exogenous ketones? Discover how exogenous ketones can help you get into ketosis faster.

New Research: The Link Between the Ketogenic Diet and Ketoacidosis

Clinicians and concerned family members alike may cringe at the idea that you are considering (or already follow) a ketogenic diet. After all, how can bacon and butter be good for you? Don’t you risk developing ketoacidosis, which is potentially fatal? This is one of the most common misconceptions about the ketogenic diet. Metabolic ketoacidosis [...]

Keto Valentine’s Day Recipes Your Loved Ones Will Love

Whew...the holidays are over. That means you can get your nutrition back on track and don’t have to worry about food temptations… right? That’s when Valentine’s Day hits you. It’s an entire holiday dedicated to chocolate, champagne, and too many carb-y treats. You may be worried about falling off the keto-wagon but, there is no [...]

Is the Ketogenic Diet Effective for Long-Term Weight Loss?

If you’re ready to lose weight, you want to keep it off. Find out how long-term keto can help you lose the weight… for good.

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Carbs on Keto: How to Get Back on Track After a Carb Binge

Need to know what to do after a binge of carbs on keto? Getting back on track after a carb binge is not impossible, and we cover the steps you need to take.

Logan Sneed: A Keto Transformation Story

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, but brain cancer sharpened and honed that interest. Suddenly, it wasn’t a question of figuring out what foods would help me to bulk up. It was a question of what foods would help prolong my life and prevent a deadly disease from returning. That’s how I discovered keto. It [...]

Not Losing Weight on Keto Diet? 10 Reasons Why

Not losing weight on keto? Here’s are 10 reasons that you’re not seeing results, including eating too many carb alternatives and overdoing your workout.

5 Keto Pizza Recipes For National Pizza Day

One of the most difficult parts about the ketogenic diet can be giving up the carby-delicious foods you love. Some argue that keto is unsustainable because it is so restrictive; however, there are so many alternatives out there for your favorite dishes, you won’t feel restricted at all! Below are 5 absolutely keto and absolutely [...]

Improving Your Gut Health: Why Intestinal Cells Love Ketone Bodies

Many factors contribute to a well-functioning, healthy gastrointestinal (GI) system, and a healthy GI system is required for optimal immune function, brain health, and the well-being of every tissue in our body.  Building and maintaining a diverse microbiome is one element of having an unimpaired GI system.  Another element is growing and maintaining healthy cells [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Ketogenic Diet

Blunt force trauma to the head can cause life-changing brain dysfunction. Here's the connection between traumatic brain injury and the ketogenic diet.

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Blood Sugar Levels and Chronic Diseases: What’s the Link?

Diabetes and heart disease are examples of chronic diseases caused by sugar. Explore the link between high blood sugar levels and chronic disease.

Multiple Sclerosis and Keto: New Research on Keto as Nutritional Therapy

What’s the relationship between multiple sclerosis and keto? New research suggests the ketogenic diet may have therapeutic benefits for individuals with MS.

Keto Workout Recovery: Bounce Back Faster with these 8 Tips

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, keto workout recovery is a priority if you want to build strength and muscle.

Keto Acne: Can the Ketogenic Diet Cause Acne?

Is your new keto diet hurting or helping your skin? If you’re just starting the ketogenic diet, here’s everything you need to know about keto and acne.

Intermittent Fasting & Keto: What Breaks A Fast?

You may know the benefits of intermittent fasting for keto, but if you don’t know what breaks a fast, you might be sabotaging your success.

Keto and Liver Health: Can The Keto Diet Improve Liver Health?

Does the ketogenic diet help or harm the health of your liver? This article discusses the relationship between keto and liver health.

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Keto Benefits: 5 Reasons to Go Keto

Are you on the fence about trying the ketogenic diet? Here are five keto benefits that can help you make your decision to start eating a high-fat diet.

Is Keto Bad For You? Addressing Keto ClickBait

Is keto bad for you? A new study suggests the ketogenic diet may shorten your lifespan, but is this the whole story? Let’s take a look at the science.

The Most (and Least) Keto Friendly Fruit

Eat fruit and stay in ketosis, too. Learn about how to eat fruit on the keto diet, and which fruits you should avoid to stay in ketosis.

MCT Oil Pre-Workout: Can It Benefit Your Training?

Multiple studies showing that adding MCT oil to your pre-workout routine can be a great way to increase your energy and boost your endurance and intensity in the gym.

South Beach and Duncan Hines Go Keto: Is It Legit or a Fad?

Two giant food companies, South Beach and Duncan Hines are going keto in 2020. But do they have your best interests at heart or is it just a fad to them?

Celebrate Bacon Day with the Best Keto Bacon Recipes

In honor of Bacon Day we are celebrating with the ultimate list of the best keto bacon recipes. Indulge in these insanely delicious bacon-focused meals!

Celebrate National Keto Day with These Beginner Keto Recipes

New to the ketogenic diet? Thinking of starting a keto diet on National Keto Day? Try one of these 10 simple and delicious beginner keto recipes.

National Keto Day: Fun Facts About Keto You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Did you know there’s a holiday for the ketogenic diet? National Keto Day aims to increase awareness about the diet and educate those who are just starting.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder that interferes with the ability to perceive reality. Studies are suggesting benefits of the ketogenic diet for schizophrenia.

New Research: Can the Keto Diet Reverse Polycystic Kidney Disease?

New research published shows the ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones may prevent and/or reverse Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Keto Substance Abuse Therapy: Can the Ketogenic Diet Aid in Drug Abuse Treatment?

Keto substance abuse therapy may help to decrease symptoms of withdrawal and reduce activation of reward pathways in the brain.

Keto and Cholesterol: How the Ketogenic Diet Affects Your Heart Health

Are you worried about the effects of keto on your heart health? Let’s explore the research on keto and cholesterol.

Keto Conferences 2020: All of the Keto Events Happening in 2020

Book your tickets now to ensure a spot at one of these keto conferences in 2020. Expand your knowledge of the keto diet and network with great people.

Celebrate the Holidays with 12 Christmas Keto Desserts

Wondering what you can make for a holiday dessert that’s keto-friendly? Here are 12 keto Christmas desserts that will be a hit at any holiday party.

10 Keto Christmas Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get the keto lover in your family for Christmas? This low-carb gift guide has 10 keto Christmas gift ideas.

Keto and Parkinson’s: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement. New studies suggest a positive relationship between keto and Parkinson’s.

Celebrate with These 12 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

Not sure what to make for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are 12 keto Thanksgiving recipes that are the best low-carb options for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Shark Tank Keto Pills Strike Again on Instagram

We’ve uncovered a massive scandal and it all originates from Shark Tank keto pills, fake Instagram accounts, and bad Photoshopped images.

Happy Keto Thanksgiving: How to Stay Keto this Turkey Day

It can be difficult to stay on track with your health goals through the holidays. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a keto Thanksgiving.

Can the Ketogenic Diet Protect Against The Flu?

Research has shown that the ketogenic diet may help with numerous disorders, but a recent study has shown it may also protect against the flu.

Ketogenic Diet and Autism: How Going Keto Can Help

Recent studies suggest that there may be a positive correlation between the ketogenic diet and autism, including alleviation of common symptoms.

Keto Weight Loss: What to Do After You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Now that you’ve reached your keto weight loss goal, do you know what your next step is? Here are a few options to pursue post-weight loss success.

Keto in the New Year: Why Wait until January 1st to go Keto?

Are you waiting until January to go keto in the New Year? Despite holiday temptations, starting the keto diet now will give you a much-needed head start.

5 Keto Chocolate Day Recipes

Want to enjoy your favorite chocolate treats and stay in ketosis? Try these keto-friendly chocolate recipes to celebrate National Chocolate Day!

Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein for Muscle Growth and Performance

Want to build muscle and improve performance? Nutrition is essential for promoting fitness goals, but which is better: plant protein vs. animal protein?

Soluble Tapioca Fiber: Is It Keto?

Soluble tapioca fiber has become so popular because it’s sweet and a natural binder for delicious treats, but is it keto-friendly?

Fact or Fiction: Debunking The Game Changers Movie

The Game Changers is a vegan documentary that touts the benefits of the vegan diet, but it is also full of bias and inaccurate claims.

Artificial Sweeteners on a Ketogenic Diet: A Not So Sweet Alternative

The use of artificial sweeteners in a ketogenic lifestyle has been long debated and remains a controversial topic among the ketogenic and medical...

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Halloween Keto Tricks and Treats: How to Stay Keto this Halloween

For those on the keto diet, demons and witches aren’t scary; it’s falling out of ketosis. Try these Halloween keto tricks and treats at your Halloween party.

Keto Bread Recipes: 10 Aldi Bread Recipes You Need to Try

Aldi took the internet by storm by releasing a new and affordable low-carb, keto bread. Here are 10 delicious keto bread recipes you need to try now!

Keto For Cancer: The Latest Research On Fighting Cancer With The Ketogenic Diet

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati just announced a new clinical trial focused on using keto for cancer patients.

Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Inflammation and Oxidized LDL

Everyone is concerned about their cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and optimizing both, but have you been following a diet based on outdated ideas?

Aldi Bread: Is It Really Keto-Friendly?

The new 0g net carb Aldi bread has been advertised as keto, but is it really keto-friendly? Check out this ingredient breakdown of the keto bread from Aldi.

An Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

Did you know that glucose fuels cancer growth? Luckily, numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between the ketogenic diet and cancer.

Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills: How to Spot a Scam

This Shark Tank keto scam is one of the biggest we’ve seen. Hundreds of our readers have fallen for it. Educate yourself so you don’t get scammed.

Keto Scam on “Shark Tank” and Instagram

With the popularity of the ketogenic diet, it’s becoming more common to see a keto scam. Here’s one of the most disturbing keto scams we’ve seen.

Football and Keto: Why Football Players Need Ketones

Athletes of all levels are susceptible to sport-related injuries. CTE is a condition that has been linked to repetitive neurological injuries such as…

Why You Should Use a Raw Ketogenic Diet for Dogs

A raw ketogenic diet for dogs is a highly nutritious way of eating for your furry friend that can improve health and wellness.

Keto Starbucks Drinks: How to Stay Keto at Starbucks

This comprehensive guide walks you through how to order keto Starbucks drinks and it includes some of the most popular (and Instagram-worthy) drink orders.

Ketogenic Dieting and Electrolytes

Electrolytes become increasingly important on a ketogenic diet. This is because ketogenic dieting can easily lead to depletion of these electrolytes…

Amazon Rainforest Fires and the Environmental Impact of Eating Meat

Eating meat is not causing the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. Despite what you may read online, the raging fires currently engulfing the Amazon…

Importance of the Gut Microbiome

The human body hosts 10 times as many microbial cells and 100 times more microbial genes than its own human cells and genome, respectively, with the…

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Weight Loss Success Story: Breaking Every Single Chain

With being in ketosis, I started to quickly realize that for all that time I just didn’t have the right fuel. My body had been running on empty 90% of…

Keto Diet Scam in Buckingham Palace

Keto diet scams involving celebrities and fake testimonials are becoming all too common. Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, is taking action against a keto diet scam…

Finding Keto to Treat Epilepsy

My first seizure occurred in the latter part of my high school career. It seemed to come out of nowhere. At first, I had almost consistent tremors in my…

MCTs: A “Fat”tastic Acronym

Across the globe, there is an ingredient flooding the market on product labels under the acronym “MCT,” which is short for medium-chain triglyceride…

Sugar Alcohols 101

Sugar alcohols are one of the available alternatives to sugar that can lead to little or no spike in blood glucose. There are many different types of…

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Enjoy Your 4th of July with these Keto Diet Recipes

The Fourth of July holiday is tough for those on the ketogenic diet. When you see your friends throwing back beers, eating potato chips, and pigging out…

Ketogenic Diet in the Treatment of Epilepsy

Did you know that we can “thank” epilepsy for the emergence of the ketogenic diet? While the majority of those who have adopted a ketogenic…

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5 Tools to Help You Maintain Keto

When it comes to diets as strict and as intense as keto, there are many ways to fall behind on progress and accidentally break the rules, whether by…

Ketones and Sleep: How Does a Ketogenic Diet Affect Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping? The ketogenic diet might be able to help. Emerging studies are revealing a unique connection between ketones and sleep.

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A Ketogenic Approach to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is the most common hormonal abnormality in this population, affecting about 4–18% of reproductive-age women. Signs and symptoms can range in…

Why Diet is Important Following Head Trauma

In May 2017, a study revealed that 110 of the 111 brains analyzed from deceased National Football League players were diagnosed with CTE. The question…

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How To Get Enough Protein On A Vegan Ketogenic Diet

At first glance, it may not seem like vegan and ketogenic diets can coexist. Plant-based dieters thrive off of starchy beans and vegetables, typically…

Beating Anxiety and Anger

I was a happy kid—obsessed with Barbies and bikes, cap guns, and Wonder Woman. I’ve never liked being the center of attention, but I do love to be in…

Will Keto Help My Migraines?

The prevalence of migraine headaches is high, afflicting 1 out of every 7 Americans, of which females 18–44 years old have the highest risk. An…

5 Daily Tips to Battle Hunger

We all know the feeling of being “hangry” (hungry and angry). As these dreaded hours of the day approach us, our mouths water, and our bellies turn with…

Christian’s Story

It is beyond encouraging knowing that the ketogenic diet is helping, but it is always a burden knowing…

Our Journey to Be Wildly Well with Autism

At 18 months, his pediatrician never noticed his regression, my adult daughter’s friend in college suggested to her that his language was not right…

Why Macros Actually Matter

Let us mentally metabolize these macronutrients to see how they each support the body’s basic daily functions as well our health goals…

Weight Loss, Autism, & Epilepsy

Fast forward to about a month into keto and down more than 20 lbs., parenthood threw me another curve ball: epilepsy. Other autism moms warned me to…

Why Am I So Tired on Keto?

As with anything, mindfulness is the backbone to success on a ketogenic diet. If you do not feel like something is working properly, do not look for different outcomes by doing the same things…

5 Health Benefits of Fasting

Fasting elicits an amount of stress upon the body’s cells, enough to drive some rather interesting processes. Now, we are told that we must eat every…

The Truth About Your Dog Food

A recent study showed 70% of dog owners don’t know what’s in the food they give their dogs. Despite being someone who cares so deeply about my own…

Your Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating protocol whereby you sustain a period without food. Most people already practice intermittent fasting by…

Top 5 Keto-Friendly Snacks

One of the biggest questions we get about ketogenic dieting is, “What snacks can I have?” Meal frequency is not as important many people like to claim…

The Best Low-Carb Food Swaps on a Ketogenic Diet

Low-carbohydrate or “low-carb” diets are gaining more and more popularity. Great! However, switching to a low-carb diet could and often does mean…