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Welcome to Keto Club, the ultimate resource for your keto journey. Gain access to the tools, resources and community you need to be successful. Imagine having a coach available 24/7 that has all of the answers to your questions. Get guidance from the top leaders in the keto space and make keto easy. Join today!

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Get started with keto the right way by following our beginner guides and jumping on a zoom with our keto experts.

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Discover more with our practical books, video series and tips to help you overcome plateaus and get your top questions answered.

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Gain insight into the most recent studies on keto and advance your keto knowledge with live broadcastings.

Meal Plans and Workout Guides

We give you meal plans for the entire week. Of course, you can edit and switch out things as you like, but we all know what a pain planning meals can be. That pain is gone when you become a Keto Club member. We have a wide variety of meal plans that you can review and make your own.

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Keto Classes

Imagine Masterclass but for keto. These Keto Classes are short video courses from some of the brightest minds in nutrition, exercise, and health. They take complex and challenging topics and break them down to help anyone understand.


Getting started can sometimes be the most difficult part. Instead of guessing, watch Dr. Ryan lowery walk you though taking the first steps and setting you up for success from the beginning.


Males and females are different and the keto diet has different advantages for both sexes. Watch Chelsea Malone go into depth about reproductive hormones and menstrual cycles for women.


Exercising can sometimes get confusing in regards to its necessity and benefits. You don’t have to work out to lose weight but there are a number of benefits with just getting active. Watch Dr. Jacob Wilson go in-depth into different exercise plans and adjust them to meet your goals.


Nutrition labels can be deceiving and actually not be 100% accurate. Watch Dr. Ryan Lowery talk about what you need to look for to avoid consuming hidden sugars and optimize your keto diet.


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One on One meetings with keto expert

Jump on a zoom with one of our keto experts and get all of your questions answered. Imagine having your own personal coach to help guide you to success.

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24/7 Texting Access

Reach out to Dr. Lowery’s personal phone with any questions you might have at any time! Whether it be as simple as a food selection to as complex about a research paper.

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Exclusive Facebook Group

The entire team will always be available to you via the exclusive Keto Club Facebook Group. Connect with a community of people just like you who are on the same journey.

Complete monthly challenges with the community and continue improving your habits one at a time.

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“I’ve been a huge fan of for a while.  They let me test out Keto Club and in the first week, I’ve already learned more ways to customize this lifestyle to work for me.  Keto Club is a must for anyone looking to optimize their health.”

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Phil P.


“The team asked me test Keto Club.  I’ve tried a ketogenic diet multiple times and never have been completely successful.  After one month in Keto Club, I’ve already lost 10 pounds and feel more confident than ever on my keto journey.  I can’t wait to continue to learn and be a part of Keto Club.”

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Sarah C.


“I’ve always wanted a place to get my questions answered by top thought leaders in the keto space. Keto Club has that and more.  The recipes in Keto Club are incredible – my entire family loves them. I’m so thankful to be a part of this community.”