What are the Keto Awards?

The Keto Awards is an exclusive ceremony held at the Metabolic Health Summit Gala Dinner on February 1, 2020. Metabolic Health Summit is the leading international scientific conference on ketosis and metabolic therapies. The event is a 4-day immersive experience that brings together world-renowned physicians, scientists, and thought leaders who are researching the powerful potential of our daily choices in fighting disease, increasing longevity, and improving human performance.

The purpose of the Keto Awards is to showcase individuals in the keto space who do a tremendous job of educating and inspiring others. Whether it’s through a book, a lecture, or a podcast, these individuals are adding tremendous value to the community.

Most importantly, these awards are intended to allow us to come together, discover new information, network, and get motivated. We invite you to help us spread new and emerging information by voting for your favorite options down below. Doing so will help us better serve the keto community and reward those that have made it their mission to improve thousands of lives.

Top Keto Book

What’s the book that got you started on your keto journey? The ketogenic community is overflowing with incredible authors that have dedicated their time and energy to providing amazing insight, in-depth science, and delicious recipes to others. Nominate your favorite keto book of 2019!

Top Keto Educator

The keto community is fortunate to have so many individuals who have made it their mission to guide others, foster education, and promote transformation through a book, blog, social media platform, or video channel. Know someone who has helped you change your life through the ketogenic diet? Nominate your favorite Keto Educator!

Top Keto Podcast

Podcasts have become essential in spreading keto-focused education to the masses. The world of podcasts is filled with so many eclectic personalities and captivating stories that it can be tough to choose which one to listen to. What’s your favorite keto podcast? Nominate it now!

Top Keto Researcher

2019 has been an incredible year for keto science. From therapeutics to performance, there are many influential scientists and researchers on the front line of ketogenic research, bringing awareness and reliable information to the community. Have a favorite study? Nominate your favorite Keto Researcher!

Making Positivity Louder

In a world where negative news floods our broadcasts, positivity can be a shining light during dark times. Can you think of someone who has made it their mission to spread positivity and show others the good in the world? Nominate your favorite positivity person or news outlet for the Make Positivity Louder award.

How to Vote

Below, you will find a section asking for basic information about yourself to verify legitimate entries and prevent false submissions. Following this section, you will find entry areas under each category. This is the space you will fill in to cast your votes. You do not have to place an entry for every category if you don’t wish to do so.

After filling out the information, please hit the “Submit” button and our team will add your vote to the respective candidates. Only one entry is allowed at a time per category and submissions are limited to one per day.

What do the winners receive?

The first-place winner in each category will have the option to choose between receiving a travel stipend to the Metabolic Health Summit to meet with other top experts, or they will receive a donation in their name to the charity of their choice. The winner of each category will also receive 2 tickets to the Metabolic Health Summit Gala and a first-place Keto Awards trophy.

For tickets or more information on Metabolic Health Summit visit www.metabolichealthsummit.com

Top Keto Book

Keto Made Easy – Keto Connect

Suzanne Ryan

Simply Keto – Suzanne Ryan

The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook – Jen Fisch

Complete Keto – Drew Manning

Keto – Maria Emmerich

Top Keto Educator

Robb Wolf

Thomas DeLauer

Logan Sneed

Dr. Ken Berry

Mike Mutzel

Top Keto Podcast

Fundamental Health – Dr Paul Saladino

Ali Miller

Naturally Nourished – Ali Miller

vanessa spina

Fast Keto – Vanessa Spina

Fat Fueled Family – Danny and Maura Vega

Keto Answers – Dr. Anthony Gustin

Top Keto Researcher

Dr. Jeff Volek

Dr. Jacob Wilson

Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Brianna Stubbs

Making Positivity Louder

Mayra Arias

Logan Delgado

Josh Perry

lauren berryhill

Lauren Berryhill

Michael Silverstein