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Why should your pet do keto?
Domesticated animals are often fed packaged kibble that wildly contrasts their ancestral diet. In nature, most animals consume fat and protein-rich, meat-based meals. In fact, cats are considered obligate carnivores. Nutritional science supports the concept of a ketogenic diet for pets and avoidance carbohydrates; however, most pet foods on the market are saturated with starches and grains.
Studies have shown, time and time again, the numerous health benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle– from shrinking tumors to relieving anxiety and PTSD. If you are looking for a therapeutic method alternative to traditional medicine for your pet, consider switching up their diet.

We know you want what is best for your furry friend and a ketogenic diet will provide them with the nourishment needed for a long, happy life.

What is the Keto Pet Sanctuary?
The Keto Pet Sanctuary (KPS) was founded in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit shelter with the mission of saving animals from euthanization and providing a “forever home” to dogs with terminal cancer. KPS uses the ketogenic diet as nutritional therapy to treat canine cancer. By placing their dogs on a raw ketogenic diet, providing additional therapies, and exercise programs, they have improved the prognosis in 55% of their dogs, while some are even living completely cancer-free.
This month, all of the proceeds from Keto Cause apparel will go to the Keto Pet Sanctuary.

Scoot the Keto Pup

Scooter Lowery wasn’t always the thriving keto pup he is today. His rough upbringing and caretaker’s negligence eventually led to the amputation of his front right leg. Fortunately, organizations like the Maxx and Me Pet Rescue are dedicated to helping care for animals just like him! In August of 2018, Scooter was adopted by Dr. Ryan Lowery, where he found his forever home and embraced his new life as Scoot the Keto Pup.


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