Ketogenic Mentoring

A program personalized for you.

Ketogenic Mentoring | 8 Week Test

” We wanted to bring together the best coaches and mentors to provide the most accurate process and procedures to assure you reach your goal.”

Here at, we understand that education is one of the most vital pieces to understanding and implementing a ketogenic way of eating (WOE). We believe the key to a successful nutrition program is to have an accountability plan with the proper guidance and support. That is why we have created our Keto Mentoring Program.

What is Keto Mentoring?

Keto Mentoring is the most comprehensive KETO online coaching space where you get to work one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Professional in the customization of your ketogenic lifestyle. Let us help you along your journey.


Why Keto Mentoring?

We are committed to providing the most valuable content to our audience and recognize a need for a more personalized experience. We want to make sure you have the tools, knowledge and support to reach your goals.


What do I get?

Coaching is all about accountability and support. For the duration of your program, you and your mentor will stay in touch often making adjustments and discovering what works best. These short video calls are key to maximizing your progress


Before you begin Keto Mentoring your coach will identify your starting point and discuss your goals. Your coach will evaluate your current and past diets and from that, identify what the best path is to get you started on a Ketogenic Diet.


Every single week, adjustments and changes will need needed to be made in order to improve results and maintain an optimal state of Ketosis. Your mentor will review your progress weekly and send any changes deemed appropriate.


Contains the top commonly asked questions, as well as a step-by-step process on what to do from beginning to end. From grocery shopping lists, to recipes and supplement recommendations, we dive deep into Keto to help you achieve your goals.

By being a mentee in our Keto Mentoring Program, you get access to Keto Club, a collection of exclusive content from the world’s top leaders in Keto. This is also a space where we share exclusive articles and videos accessed only by members of the club.


You get access to your own personal portal where you can journal your results, access your Keto nutrition protocols, track your progress, and much more.





This is the space to share ideas and ask questions with fellow members who are on similar journeys. Support, motivate and keep each other accountable!


One of our unique features is the accessibility to Keto masterminds where you will connect with other mentees to share ideas and to answer any questions you may have. Once a month, we bring in a special guest that talks all things KETO only to our members.

Do I qualify?

If you resonate with any of the following, this is the program for you:

• You are overwhelmed with all of the Keto information out there and are unsure what to follow
• You keep falling off track and you struggle optimizing ketosis.
• You have reached a plateau and not sure what to do to see results
• You are eager to learn and are looking for guidance
• You are 100% committed to make a change

How do I get started?

1. Fill out an application for our program.
2. Upon acceptance into the program, your assigned mentor will contact you to set up your initial evaluation and assessment.

We have received enormous interest in this program, so please note that we are only taking a selected group of people to mentor as we launch in the next few weeks. If you think you qualify and would love to sign up check out the link below. Let us help guide you along your journey.