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All About Sucralose on Keto

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  Published on June 29th, 2021
  Reading time: 4 minutes
  Last modified June 18th, 2023
Sucralose can be eaten on keto in small amounts

Sucralose is a common artificial sweetener you’ve probably seen here, there, and everywhere. While most authorities claim sucralose is safe, many people raise safety concerns, and some studies have raised eyebrows. Let’s dive into the details of sucralose on keto. What is Sucralose? Sucralose is a zero-calorie artificial sweetener most commonly found in the Splenda® brand products. Sucralose is a chlorinated sucrose derivative created in a chemical process where three hydrogen-oxygen groups are replaced with chlorine atoms.In 1976, sucralose was discovered when a British scientist allegedly misheard instructions about testing a substance. He tasted what he had created and realized it was highly sweet. Some major companies began developing Splenda products, and it was introduced in the United States in 1999.Splenda is used as a sugar alternative in baking and cooking. You can find it in thousands of food products around the globe. It’s calorie-free, but some products like Splenda also contain carbohydrates, dextrose, and maltodextrin, bringing the calorie count up to a negligible amount. [1] [2] What About Blood Sugar? Sucralose is believed […]…

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