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Athletic vs Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet

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  Published on March 29th, 2021
  Reading time: 3 minutes
  Last modified March 7th, 2022

We always get a lot of people copying meal plans online or trying to use ketogenic diets that have been around for 10 years when they want to embark on this new and healthy journey.However, they don’t understand that:Ketogenic diets are now vastly different than they were a decade agoYour goal from getting into a keto diet will determine the percentage of your fat intakeA ketogenic diet differs from person to person.For these reasons, we’ve created ketogenic.com to provide you with the tools and resources you need to understand how to approach this for yourself, or even your friends or family members. That’s not to say that a ketogenic diet isn’t restrictive. The principle of all ketogenic diets is the same, it’s just not a one-size-fits-all approach.We’ve created this article to help you understand the difference between a therapeutic ketogenic diet and an athletic one, and help you determine which one suits you best. Ketogenic Diets for TherapyA lot of people use ketogenic diets for its health benefits. A ketogenic diet has been proven to help those […]…

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