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Is Keto Hair Loss Real?

Written by
  Published on March 30th, 2021
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified March 7th, 2022

 People who want to start a keto diet have several concerns before taking that first step. One of the primary concerns many have is the rumored possibility that a keto diet can cause hair loss. We’ve noticed that this is considered a red flag for most people.And we always tell them this…     If you’re wondering if a ketogenic diet will cause you to lose hair, then the answer is a resounding NO. However, if you’re asking if you can lose hair on a ketogenic diet, we’d say yes, you can. But that’s not related to a keto diet. If this sounds confusing to you, stick around to find out more. What Causes Hair Loss When on A Ketogenic Diet?Any diet that severely reduces your protein intake, can cause you to suffer from hair loss.Now, does a ketogenic diet cause you to limit your protein intake? The short answer is yes.But does a ketogenic diet cause you to limit your protein intake so much that you end up losing hair? Absolutely not.The number one reason why people lose hair […]…

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