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Counting Calories on Keto: What You Need to Know

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  Published on August 19th, 2020
  Reading time: 5 minutes
  Last modified February 7th, 2023

You might decide to count calories on keto to help you reach your weight loss goals. While many people lose weight on keto without tracking calories, others find it useful to stay on the keto track, and it might help prevent you from overeating. Let’s discuss top tips for calorie-counting on keto. How Can Counting Calories Help with Weight Loss? Numerous health experts endorse the concept of ‘calories in vs. calories out’ and believe calorie-counting is a key part of the weight loss picture. ‘Calories in vs. calories out’ is a model based on the idea that to be more metabolically healthy and maintain stable body weight, the number of calories you consume needs to match the number you expend in energy. Calories in refers to the calories you get from your food and calories out are the number of calories you burn as energy. With this model, you should achieve weight loss if there’s a calorie deficit, and you consume fewer calories than you’re burning for energy. On the other hand, if you’re […]…

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