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Healthy Blood Glucose Levels: Fasting, Fed, and Everything In Between

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  Published on March 15th, 2020
  Reading time: 5 minutes
  Last modified January 18th, 2023
healthy blood glucose levels

You know you have to keep your blood sugar under control. You’ve heard that high blood sugar can be dangerous and lead to a flurry of health problems. So, what are healthy blood glucose levels? What about when you’re fasting, fed, and everything in between? Let’s discuss healthy blood glucose levels. What is Glucose? Glucose is a monosaccharide — the simplest of carbohydrates with only one sugar. You consume glucose in foods like bread, fruits, and vegetables. Your body uses glucose for energy, and when glucose or blood sugar levels are regulated, your bodily processes run smoothly. When blood sugar levels are out of whack, you can run into health problems like metabolic syndrome, vision loss, heart disease, and kidney disease [1]. Certain factors might increase blood sugar levels, such as stress and some illnesses. Of course, the biggest and most important and influential factor affecting your blood sugar is your consumption of glucose [2] When you consume too much glucose, your pancreas has to respond with enough insulin to prevent your blood sugar […]…

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