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High-Protein Diets for Diabetics

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  Published on October 15th, 2021
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified July 1st, 2023
Blood test for diabetics

There are many myths surrounding protein in the low-carbohydrate, keto space. In fact, it can be commonplace for low-carb advocates to even fear too much protein on their low-carb diets, despite the fact that some studies show that high-protein diets can be beneficial to diabetics. Let’s explore a recent randomized controlled trial in humans looking at the impact of higher protein levels on the primary blood sugar marker HbA1c. HbA1c is, essentially, a three-month running average of one’s blood sugar control. It is a far more predictive marker than a simple fasting glucose test.  High-Protein, Low Carb Diet Trial DetailsThe trial was six-weeks in duration with a six-week crossover intervention, pitting a conventional diabetic diet against a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Among other inclusion criteria, only those with a diabetic range HbA1c of (6.5–11%) were allowed in the trial. [1] The macronutrient breakdown of the conventional diet was 50% energy from carbohydrates, 17% from protein and 33% from fat. The low-carb, high-protein diet was 30% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 40% from fat. Keep […]…

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