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How to Calculate Net Carbs

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  Published on March 29th, 2021
  Reading time: 4 minutes
  Last modified May 6th, 2023

We’ve all had this jumpscare, haven’t we? After we were done eating our delicious keto-friendly cookie, we decided to look at the back of the bag and try to find out more about the ingredients.Only to find out that it says this product has 20g of total carbohydrates!For most people on a ketogenic diet, 20 grams of carbs is already pushing the limit of what they can eat for the day.So, they decide to never eat anything for the rest of the day or refuse to trust keto-friendly snacks again.Which is understandable, but here’s where things aren’t accurate.There’s actually a big difference between total carbs and net carbs, and a keto diet only cares about net carbs in your meal.This article was created in order to let you know how to calculate your net carbs, and how you can separate different fibers and true sugar alcohols from similar products that might actually spike your blood glucose levels.Calculating Your Net CarbsWe’ll start by giving you a simple formula that you can use to calculate your net […]…

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