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How to Read Keto Diet Research

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  Published on March 29th, 2021
  Reading time: 6 minutes
  Last modified May 6th, 2023

Oftentimes the media uses the lack of general education about research studies in order to create ‘clickbait’ titles that are just there to have you click on their websites. These articles ultimately hurt the ketogenic community due to their inability to read past the first page of the study, and most probably because most people don’t truly understand how they can break down research principles.Here at ketogenic.com, we’re dedicated to not only improving your lifestyle, but also empowering you with the tools necessary to be able to understand research when you see it, how to search for it, and how you can dig through the research you find, yourselves!There are many papers and publications being published every single day, and to truly understand what the research is saying, you need to break down an actual research paper.We want to help you go through your first research paper, and understand how you can interpret these types of publications.What’s the Paper About?We’d like to start out with this really interesting paper published by Auckland University. It’s a […]…

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