keto diet for dogs

ketogenic diet for dogs

Processed dog food may be convenient, but it may not be the best option for your pup. Thanks to a higher level of bioavailability, nutrition, and health improvements, the raw ketogenic diet for dogs is becoming more popular among pet owners. Let’s take a look at why you should use a raw keto diet for your dog.

True Canine Diet

Believe it or not, processed dog food is not what your dog is built to consume. A raw ketogenic diet for dogs is a highly nutritious way of eating that most closely resembles what a true canine diet would look like if your dog was still running wild.

Free from Dangerous Fats

Many brands of processed dog food contain low-quality and highly processed forms of fatty acids that are tough for your dog to digest. What’s more, your dog won’t be able to assimilate the nutrients as effectively from processed foods. A raw keto diet for dogs provides a variety of nutrients and bioavailable fats.

Higher Nutrient Value

Processed and cooked dog food has significantly fewer available nutrients due to the impact from high heat temperatures on the quality and integrity of ingredients. Some people believe that vegan diets for dogs is the best option, but the absence of amino acids can actually harm your dog’s health.

Lower Risk for Disease

Cooking can oxidize and damage fatty acids, and this may increase the chance of your dog developing medical issues such as pancreatitis.

Raw Keto Diet for Dogs

Have you switched over your furry best friend to the ketogenic diet for dogs? What benefits have you noticed? Let us know in the comments below!

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