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Red Meat Consumption: A Bone of Contention

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  Published on May 6th, 2020
  Reading time: 3 minutes
  Last modified January 23rd, 2023
red meat consumption

Red meat is a bone of contention in nutrition science, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) classes it as a carcinogen along with cigarettes. As far as the truth behind these claims goes, the evidence the WHO uses to classify red meat as carcinogenic is epidemiological data which often fails to differentiate between correlation and causation. Not to mention the potential for error in asking people to record they ate for the last 6 months on a survey, as well as the vast differences in individual’s lifestyles outside of their diet. [1] The classification red meat (group 1 carcinogen) does not tell you of relative or absolute risk, only that there is a risk.    With all that said, the quality and quantity of red meat should be taken into consideration. With everything in life, moderation is key. This is not to say you should limit red meat from your diet, but rather maybe don’t solely consume red meat for every meal, every day. Furthermore, quality is probably the most important factor. Stay away from […]…

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