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Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with a Ketogenic Diet

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  Published on September 2nd, 2020
  Reading time: 3 minutes
  Last modified February 8th, 2023
regenerative agriculture

Worldwide, people are making efforts to improve farming and agricultural practices for a better environment and human health. Regenerative agriculture is one of these promising efforts. The good news is that you can support these efforts with a ketogenic diet.What is Regenerative Agriculture?Regenerative agriculture involves farming principles and cattle grazing practices drawn from decades of research and specially designed to mimic nature. The goal is to help rebuild healthy soils and organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity.Regenerative farming is a more holistic way of managing the land that involves working with photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle and increase biodiversity above and below the soil surface.For those who aren’t farmers, regenerative agriculture might sound a little complex. Without diving too deep into the specifics, here are a few simple key points to understand.Regenerative farming might:Sequester carbon at greater depths and drawdown climate-damaging levels of CO2 in the atmosphereImprove soil structure, fertility, and nutrient density, which can give us better quality, nutritious foods, and better dietary omega balancesIncrease water retention and promote […]…

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