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What to do if You Experience High Glucose Levels on Keto

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  Published on March 30th, 2021
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified May 12th, 2023

If you’ve been on a ketogenic diet for some time, you’ve probably come to realize that essentially, you’re trying to decrease your blood glucose levels.By decreasing your blood glucose levels, you’ll be guiding your body to resort to burning fat and creating ketones which assists with reaching a ketosis state.But what if you’ve been noticing that your blood glucose is increasing instead of decreasing? Or you found it to be higher than what you calculated when testing?Well, we’re here to help you understand why the blood glucose levels might be increasing in your system.But first, we need to understand a few key points. What’s A Normal Range Of Blood Glucose On A Ketogenic Diet?Normally, when fasting, we like to see glucose levels under 100, and under 120 when fed (a little bit after eating).But what if you’re showing levels of 104 or 105 before eating?There are some key factors to look out for when testing.Did you know that exercising can actually cause your blood glucose levels to spike? It’s not a long-term spike, eventually stabilizing […]…

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