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Honoring Influential Keto Ladies this International Women’s Day

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  Published on March 8th, 2020
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  Last modified March 8th, 2022
International womens day keto women

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we’d like to celebrate this holiday by highlighting 15 boss babes in our keto community. These ladies are strong and fearless leaders who have persevered through adversity to become major influencers in the keto space. Help share the love this International Women’s Day by reading more about these ladies and following them on social media!

Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Unknown

Ali Miller, is being honored for International Women's Day.

Ali Miller, RD @alimillerrd

Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian with a naturopathic background and a contagious passion for using nutrients and food as the foundation of treatment protocols and programs. She is the author of The Anti-Anxiety Diet and The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook. Her Food-As-Medicine philosophy is supported by up-to-date scientific research for a functional integrative approach to healing the body. Ali is a certified diabetes educator (CDE) and renowned expert in the ketogenic diet with over a decade of clinical results using a unique whole foods approach tailored to support thyroid, adrenal and hormonal balance.

Honoring Castawaykitchen for international women's day

 Cristina Curp @thecastawaykitchen

Cristina Curp is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and former restaurant chef with a BA in Anthropology. Her love of food, and particularly using real food to heal inspired her popular food blog and wellness site, TheCastawayKitchen.com. Author of Made Whole cookbook, co-host of Body Wise Podcast and food as medicine advocate. She is a Miami native with Cuban roots who is currently living in Virginia, or wherever her husband’s Navy career takes them. At 29 years old and 2 years postpartum, Cristina hit rock bottom with her health.

On top of an inflammatory skin condition she had lived with for years, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, she began to experience many mystery symptoms and inflammation, Cristina took to the kitchen to find wellness. Using her culinary prowess and love of research, she began to discover the connection between her symptoms and the food she ate. This ongoing experiment birthed her blog, which is a collection of inventive, allergen-friendly, low carb, whole-food recipes that have helped her reverse autoimmune disease, lose weight, and take control of her own health and well-being.  Empowering people to heal from the inside out is her life’s work! With a mix of grit, sass and a lot of love, she continues to do just that through her books, her social media platform and NTP work.

dat_keto_ lady honored for international Women's Day

 Christy Dozier @dat_keto_lady

My name is Christy, aka Dat Keto Lady, and I am 40 years old. I live in the New Orleans area, and we LOVE to eat around here.

My keto journey was not one born from hopelessness or poor health, but rather just wanting something better than what the traditional American diet had to offer.

Yes, I was overweight, but happy, nonetheless. I first began dieting when I was in my 20’s. I tried everything from diet pills, to not eating, to low fat, and just about everything in between. I was not happy with anything that I tried. I stumbled upon the ketogenic way of eating and was very intrigued by it.  It seemed very doable, and from there my journey began. I found that for the first time in my life I was able to actually eat and the scale was moving down! Keto has helped me to take off 47 pounds, and maintain that loss for a year.  In addition to weight loss, I have so much more energy, a clearer complexion, and have experienced a huge improvement in my digestive system. I love to cook and share delicious keto recipes through my e-cookbook, Big Easy Keto, my Instagram page, and my YouTube channel.  My hope is to inspire others, and ignite a desire in them to live the best and healthiest life they can!

Jen Fisch @ketointhecity_

Hi everyone, my name is Jen Fisch, many of you might know me as @KetoInTheCity_ on Instagram.

My Ketogenic journey began in January of 2016, but my experimentation with various WOE (ways of eating) began much earlier. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis when I was 18 and Psoriatic Arthritis when I was 19. It wasn’t until about a decade later that I started correlating inflammation in my body with food. You can read more about that dramatic journey on my blog.

Over the last four years, I have dedicated myself to coming up with delicious and EASY ketogenic recipes. As a working, single mom of a busy teenager, I do not have a lot of time. Because of this I always make sure my recipes are super simple and kid-approved. I am not a professional chef or a nutritionist, just a mom who loves to cook and is focused on making yummy low carb high-fat creations with the highest quality ingredients. I continue to live a ketogenic lifestyle to battle inflammation, not to lose weight, but I have lost about 40lbs along the way.

dr jaime seeman honored for International Women's Day

Dr. Jaime Seeman @doctorfitandfabulous

Dr. Jaime Seeman is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist practicing in Omaha, Nebraska. Born and raised in the state she played collegiate softball for the Cornhuskers. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences. She then went on to graduate medical school and completed her OB GYN residency at The University of Nebraska Medical Center. 

She currently is in private practice at Mid City OBGYN offering a full range of services in obstetrics, gynecology, robotic surgery and primary care.

She is a fellow in Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona School of Medicine. She is a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist through The American Nutrition Association. She has a passion for fitness, preventative medicine and ketogenic therapy not only in her medical practice but in her own life. She is married to her husband Ben, a police Sergeant and has three young daughters.

Keto_ki celebrated for International Women's day

Kiana Fonua Williams  @Keto_Ki

Aloha! I’m Kiana, also known as keto_ki. I come from Polynesian ethnicity. I am passionate about food & fitness. I live for new adventures & traveling (we explore 5 new places each year). I love comedy & champagne. I could read for hours in a hot bubble bath. I have an obsession with the art of charcuterie boards. I’m also a former starting Collegiate point guard, basketball is my first love.

Became a mom in 2012 during our crazy ride with The University Of Utah while my husband played football. During that time I helped as a conditioning coach for my sanity. Our adventures continued with football & as a former NFL wifey I am grateful for the experiences we had, people we met & life it lead us to now; Go Raiders.

We had our second child in 2015 & that’s when I began using Instagram as a form of diary for myself, documenting everything it became my safe haven. Finding my niche in 2018, keto_ki was created! I now do social media marketing in relation to ketogenic / low carb lifestyle. I lived a keto for 1.5 years & have been living a low carb for another 1.5 years. Which means I’m less restrictive of wholesome carbs (fruits, veggies) while still in a nutritional state of ketosis thanks to my active life. I make mental health a priority just as much as my active routine. Also making me a huge advocate of selfcare. If I’m mentally and physically taken care of I can then be a better wife & mother for our family.

Residing now in Northern Utah with my incredible husband of almost a decade, raising 2 wild boys together, we still have a passion for sports. We’ve recently created a new line of high waist leggings, Kulia Wear, & launch summer 2020!

lauren berryhill

Lauren Berryhill @keto_coach_lauren

I struggled through the first year of my weight loss journey going back and forth between different diets. I have chronically yo-yo dieted my entire life. In my early adult years, I was stopping on the way home from work for bags of gummy worms, packets of donuts, and soda.

Consuming them all before I reached my home and then throwing away the trash before I walked in the door so no one would know. As the end of 2016 came to a close, I had managed to lose about 60 pounds but not with ease. I still found myself binge eating often and my food addiction was at an all time high.

When New Year’s Eve 2016 came, I knew I needed not just another diet, but a lifestyle change. I needed a completely new start. I came upon something called the Ketogenic Diet and spent the next two weeks researching it heavily.

If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I avoided starting New Year’s Day as that was my normal trend and proceeded to wait until I had all my bearings. 

Two years later, I’ve helped nearly over thousands of people change their lifestyle, reach their goals and become better versions of themselves, just as I did. I became certified in eating disorder management and am pursuing a certification in specified ketogenic nutrition.

Celebrating keto influencers like Mariah Emmerich for international women's day

Maria Emmerich @mariaemmerich

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who specializes in the ketogenic diet and exercise physiology. She struggled with her health and weight throughout childhood which led her to become such a passionate nutrition expert. “My goal is to help transform people’s lives and start living again!”

Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her around the World speaking about ketogenic diets.

Mayra Arias International Women's Day Honoree

Mayra Arias @low.carb.love

Hi! My name is Mayra Arias, the woman behind @low.carb.love. I’ve been on the keto diet since 2015, and am a mom of an amazing 9-year old girl. I started my page because I wanted to learn and share my recipes. I’m now on a self-love journey and am inspired everyday by my followers. I want to teach people how to accept their bodies, even while on a weight loss journey.  I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food and have tried all of the diets out there. Keto has given me so much energy and saved my life.

Everything I know about keto has been self-taught, and I’m currently going through the Keto Mastery program to be certified.

I love fasting and what it has done for me and my health. I also have the biggest sweet tooth and love making low carb and keto-friendly desserts, especially my keto cheesecake! I’m so honored to be featured and want you all to know that you can always reach out and talk to me about anything. Thank you for all your love and support. Love you guys, Mayra!

Suzanne Ryan

Suzanne Ryan @ketokarma

Hi there! My name is Suzanne Ryan, and I have been on the Ketogenic Diet since January 13th 2015. I have been overweight most of my life, after failing at so many different methods to lose weight, I found keto and it has completely changed my life. I’m here to share my journey, encourage others and share tips and recipes! I also have a YouTube channel and I post weight loss updates, recipes, reviews, grocery hauls, and other keto related content. Also, check out my first book, Simply Keto, which will guide you through the ins and out of keto with helpful tips on getting started and finding your own personal success. Simply Keto also has over 100 easy, real life low carb recipes!

When I first started keto I weighed 289 pounds, my energy level and self-esteem were both at an all-time low. I felt tired and sick a lot of the time, thankfully the ketogenic diet has turned my life around. After being ketogenic for one year I was able to naturally lose 100 lbs! I’m currently down 121 lbs, and I couldn’t be happier with this lifestyle!

vanessa spina

Vanessa Spina @ketogenicgirl

Vanessa Spina a Sport Nutrition Specialist (SNS) and the Best Selling author of Keto Essentials. She is an international speaker on the science of keto and host of the popular Fast Keto Podcast, and is also a Biomedical Science student at U of T. Vanessa founded Ketogenic Girl in 2015 which has an online social media audience of over half a million people between Instagram and Facebook, and several thousand people have done her popular KetogenicGirl Challenge program which serves to optimize metabolic health with nutrient dense real food nutrition.

Victoria Field honored for International Women's Day

Victoria Field @victoria_field_

Victoria Field has more than 15 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, and has developed ketogenic protocols for both Epigenix Foundation and KetoPet while spearheading cancer-focused pilot studies in partnership with oncologists and world-renowned medical institutions. Epigenix Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has a mission centered on understanding the epigenetic impact of metabolic interventions on human and canine disease and performance. Since 2016, Victoria has helped more than 100 cancer patients and nearly 500 canines with a ketogenic approach to disease management.

Victoria is passionate about educating people about the ketogenic diet, and to do so she co-founded Metabolic Health Initiative alongside Cancer Biologist and Metabolic Therapy Scientist, Dr. Angela Poff. Metabolic Health Initiative is the organization that hosts the annual scientific conference, Metabolic Health Summit in California. MHS has a mission to revolutionize science and medicine by refocusing attention on the importance of nutrition and metabolism in treating disease, extending life, and improving human performance.

Victoria started her career as an NBC affiliate TV news anchor and reporter, while running an international online fitness and nutrition business alongside her husband that benefited fitness beginners to pro-level athletes. Victoria is also a former professional athlete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

vy & regina from kuwtketodashians

Vy & Reginal @ketodashians

Vy and Regina are two besties who have been eating a ketogenic diet for over six years. They both made the transition to keto after being sick of feeling sick all the time. They wanted to heal both on the inside and out. Vy and Regina have dedicated their time to finding ways to keto-fy carbie favorites (especially Asian dishes) and providing tips to keep it low carb while traveling or going out to eat. They have a passion for food and helping others navigate the world of trying to stay in ketosis.

ximena international womens day

Ximena de la Serna @thefunctionalforce

Ximena de la Serna is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, expert in Hormone-free Family Planning and a functional athlete. Ximena not only adapts the Keto/Low Carb/Carnivore diets and intermittent fasting to women with her Keto-Evolucionada® and PAIP protocols, but she’s also the creator of the 5 Pillars Of Ancestral Health®.

After 20 years of health damaging PCOS, Ximena discovered that this illness, like any other metabolic one, could be switched off and reversed without the need for the strong synthetic hormones and drugs she was given for two decades. It all started with food and radically changing to a keto and, later, a highly carnivore diet. And she was drug free at last. But Ximena always wondered how she could have developed such a metabolic illness with quite a “healthy” – or so they thought – upbringing. She realised the problem humans are facing nowadays come not just from the rubbish they’re being fed, but because we have removed ourselves so much from our own animal nature, we are all falling ill like any other living creature in captivity. We’re putting our bodies and minds in sickening captivity. That’s how her 5 Pillars Of Ancestral Health® came to life and the way she finally achieved the best health, vitality, energy, fitness, body and youth of her entire life. Feeling better in your 30s than you did in your 20s became a revelation. One she needed to share with her entire community wherever they were! And that’s how she created the Number 1 Youtube channel for keto and carnivore in Spanish.

Ximena is a certified member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. She’s Colombian and based in London from where she empowers Latinas globally so they can recover their health and thrive in all aspects of their lives. With latinos being one of the most dramatically affected communities – both in health and lack of opportunities -, Ximena decided to passionately dedicate her message to help her own community. That’s the reason behind her doing everything in Spanish and working hard to bring the English speaking keto world and experts to her own.

How do you plan to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Comment below and tell us how you plan to celebrate this international holiday.

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