keto christmas gift

With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be starting to make a Christmas list of what to get your loved ones. We all have those individuals that are hard to choose gifts for, and someone following the keto diet might seem even harder to shop for. Don’t be intimidated. In fact, finding a gift for your favorite keto loved one is super simple.

Let us help you pick out the perfect gifts for the keto-dieters in your life. Whether it be keto gifts for her, keto gifts for him, we’ve got your back. Check out our top-10 keto Christmas gift ideas below.

Game of Ketones Mug

We’ve all got that Game of Thrones nerd in our lives. That’s why we had to include our favorite Game of Ketones Mug. This is the perfect keto gift for her or him. Besides, it’s something that anyone will use. I mean, who doesn’t love coffee or tea?


Avocado Slicer

Let’s talk gifts for the keto cook in our lives. Most of us following the keto diet have had to learn our way around the kitchen, preparing and creating our own delicious low-carb dishes. One of my go-to tools that I can’t live without is an avocado slicer. Avocados are a staple in my diet for their abundant amount of high healthy fats (not to mention they’re tasty, too).

OK32 System

Our OK32 System is the go-to gift for individuals just starting out with keto. Maybe you have a family member or close friend that just started eating a high-fat, low-carb diet but they don’t really know much else about keto and feel rather overwhelmed. This keto gift is the perfect system for them.

In this Optimized Keto system, you receive everything from a customized program, recipes, guides, workout routine, specific food lists, and more.


Carb Wars Mug

We are cranking up the nerd alert alarm just a notch with our other go-to mug, our Carb Wars Mug. Designed after none other than the famous Star Wars design, this mug will create conversation and satisfy your inner space cadet.

Keto Food Scale

This kitchen tool has saved me in my kitchen endeavors more times than I can count. Between creating recipes and sticking to my keto macros, a keto food scale is an absolute must to make sure you’re getting accurate measurements and serving sizes.


Ketogenic AF Embroidered Hat

Hats really are the perfect accessory. With the ability to wear them year-round and add a touch of style to any outfit, our Ketogenic AF Embroidered Hat is a must-have. With the simple design and hand-stitched lettering, it’s a great way to add a subtle touch of keto lifestyle to your everyday look.

Save the Planet T-Shirt

Our “Eat Meat Save the Planet” t-shirt is perfect for that carnivore in our lives. Netflix documentaries don’t scare us; we are here for the meat. Grab this perfect keto Christmas gift for him or add it to a keto gift box for the perfect cozy, comfy tee.


Keto Charcuterie Platter

Looking for the perfect gift for that keto-friendly host in your life? A charcuterie platter is a must for any group gathering as it serves as the center of not only food but conversation. Grab a beautiful charcuterie platter for the fancy cheese and meat lover in your life.

Ketogenic AF Women’s Racerback Tank

Our basic Ketogenic AF Women’s Racerback Tank comes in a number of different colors that fit perfectly for the keto woman on the go, at the gym or just lounging around at home.


OK4Life System

So maybe you have a family member or close friend who is a bit more advanced in the keto space. They already know the basics of the diet and have been successful with their keto journey so far. If this is the case, order them this Optimized Keto 4 Life program.

This keto gift box is ideal for those who have been following the keto diet for a while or if they’ve hit a plateau and don’t know why.

In this system, you’ll receive our Keto Blueprint, our Kitchen Staple Guide, a gratitude journal, supplement guide, a 60-day workout plan, a customizable meal plan, and a guide featuring 10 tips for better sleep.


Keto Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

In a panic because you don’t know what to get the keto-lovers in your life? No need to stress. Check out a few of these items listed above to add to your keto gift list and you’ll be all set.

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