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References: Joe Rogan Keto Response: The Science Behind the Claims

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  Published on October 17th, 2018
  Reading time: 4 minutes
  Last modified April 15th, 2021

In this video, Dr. Ryan Lowery responds to the recent Joe Rogan keto debate on his popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, between bodybuilding coach, Layne Norton, and scientist Dr. Dom D’agostino. Both individuals discuss their views surrounding the ketogenic diet and bring up phenomenal questions and concerns in this Joe Rogan keto debate.

Dr. Lowery Responds to Joe Rogan Keto Debate

As an expert in the keto space, Dr. Ryan Lowery addresses points that were made and takes an in-depth look at what the scientific literature has to say. He also elaborates on topics that might have left viewers confused. At the end of the day, what you decide to nourish your body with is ultimately up to you. Ryan explains he is not anti-carb, but anti-negativity. We hope this thorough response brings clarification to the keto diet vs non-keto diet controversy and shines light on some of the false claims that have been made.


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