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How to Come Back from a Cheat Day

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  Published on February 11th, 2020
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  Last modified January 14th, 2023

Cheat days happen, but it doesn’t mean you’re done with keto for good. Look at any setback as an opportunity to grow, and get back in the game. When making your comeback, don’t skip your HIIT workout. These intense workouts deplete glycogen stores better than other types of workouts, and when glycogen is depleted, you’re one step closer to getting back into ketosis.

David James Sautter is a fitness writer with over a decade of experience in the industry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education, he earned certifications as a NASM-certified personal trainer, NASM-certified fitness nutrition specialist, and ACE-certified sports conditioning specialist. Merging his two passions, he has been the driving creative force behind articles, e-books, and training guides that cover a range of health and fitness topics with an emphasis on the ketogenic diet.



Boutcher, Stephen H. “High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise and Fat Loss.” Journal of Obesity, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2011.

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