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Keto or not, you might want a celebratory drink here and there. What about tequila? Is tequila keto? Fortunately, you can indulge in low-carb alcoholic beverages in moderation. When you’re following the ketogenic diet, your best bet is to choose pure forms of alcohol that are free of carbs, such as gin, tequila, rum, vodka, and whiskey. You can either drink them straight or use a low-carb mixer.


What is Tequila?

Tequila is an alcoholic drink derived from the distilled juice of the blue agave plant. Tequila is typically made in Mexico and comes in different varieties, such as aged or pure, depending on processing.

Tequila is hard liquor and one-shot serving has between 40-46% alcohol content. Since tequila is a distilled form of alcohol, it has a higher concentration of alcohol in a small serving size.

The amount of trace minerals in tequila is negligible and there’s no protein, fat, or fiber, so it’s certainly not a nutrient-dense beverage for your ketogenic diet. While agave might have some potential health benefits, there are no studies showing any health benefits from tequila [1,2,3,4].


Is Tequila Keto?

Some alcoholic drinks are packed with 30 grams of carbs or more in a single serving! 

These drinks typically have high-carb, sugary ingredients like juices and syrups. Tequila is lower in calories and 1 shot (about 42 grams) of tequila is 0 grams of carbohydrates [5].

Go for non-flavored tequila and if you’re adding mixers, stay away from fruit juices, energy drinks, and other sugary drinks that will drastically spike the carb count. To keep your carb content minimal, choose zero-carb or low-carb mixers like sugar-free tonic water, club soda or carbonated water, or certain powdered flavor packets. You might just order a shot of tequila with a side lime wedge to keep your calories and carbs to a minimum.

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You could try home-made low-sugar keto beverages and margaritas:


Remember, moderation is key and if you’re keto, alcoholic beverages like tequila shouldn’t be a regular part of your routine. Even low-carb alcohol drinks supply calories with little to no essential nutrients, such as fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Overconsumption of alcohol has been associated with gradual weight gain and an increased risk of nutritional deficiencies [6].

In conclusion, tequila is a keto-friendly alcoholic beverage in moderation if you’d like to raise your glass from time to time.

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Do You Drink Tequila on Keto?

Share your thoughts and favorite low carb drink recipes with the keto community.




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