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The fall season is quickly approaching, and depending where you are, the leaves change hues, the scent of blossoms recede to a woodsier, earthy scent, and the sweaters are dug up from their corners of the closet.

But perhaps more importantly a barrage of holidays is knocking on your door, reminding you to practice gratitude, to give endlessly, and celebrate those you love most. With all this thoughtful energy in the air, it’s easy to binge eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s) content, but fusing this thoughtfulness into your nutrition may just be the key to your fall season success.

I know this can be a difficult challenge, and you may be waiting until the battle of the holidays are over to win the war come January 1st, 2020, but I want to express the positives of starting now instead of waiting to go keto in the New Year. It’s hard to imagine that you come first during this time, but your body is yours and yours only, so why not focus on everything that comes with it?


Should You Wait to Go Keto in the New Year?

It’s October now, with little time to spare until the holidays begin. Instead of waiting, envision how much further you could be if you started now, and how much better you’d feel both inside and out.

People could feel your radiance and your positive energy, and you would have a greater sense of self-control during a tempting few months. If someone asked you if you’d rather feel this way, or feel weighed down, careless, and guilty about your health, which would you choose?

The holidays are a motivating time to mobilize what’s most important to you, so why not put that same motivation into your health and wellness?


Start Slow with Small Changes

For the record, I’m not saying you have to scrap pizza and burgers and put the cookies and cakes on the shelf. There is a vast array of easy keto-friendly recipes at your fingertips, and is a fantastic resource as well; all you have to do is jump in with both feet.

Plus, with the extra months of keto under your belt, you will become a keto-pro at making smart decisions about what you’re eating and you can potentially be a keto-hero to someone else as well. It’s empowering to take control of your diet and craft delicious, conscious meals and the rewards for you are infinite!


Don’t Wait for January 1st – Start Now

Don’t wait for New Years. Studies show that only 25% of people who make resolutions follow through over the next 30 days, and a mere 8% actually fully complete them. Long story short, it’s a time to set goals, not intentions, and commit to something greater in pursuit of being the greatest.

Focus on optimizing your lifestyle and staying disciplined, diligent, and passionate about the changes you feel and see. Don’t tread water and make up for lost time, there’s too much power in just beginning.

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