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Keto Margarita Recipes To Celebrate National Margarita Day

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  Published on February 22nd, 2020
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified April 15th, 2021
Keto margaritas on the beach

Did you know that there is a national holiday in celebration of margaritas? February 22nd was named National Margarita Day to honor this Mexican drink that was created in 1938. Margaritas are a staple cocktail traditionally made from tequila, orange liqueur (triple sec), and lime juice. They are often blended with ice and served in a large glass rimmed with salt. Not everyone is a bartender but, luckily, the widespread popularity of margaritas has to lead to hundreds of pre-made, readily available mixes that you can enjoy at home. Unfortunately, the issue with many of these mixes, is the insanely high sugar content. An average margarita has around 25g of sugar, which is very obviously not keto-friendly. So what do you do when National Margarita Day comes around and you don’t have any spiced up keto margarita recipes?

That’s where Lisa and Erika from Boozy Ketones swoops in to save the day. These two lovely ladies serve up amazing low-carb/keto-friendly cocktails on their Instagram page Boozyketones. Here are three of their most tasty, interesting, and simple keto margarita recipes. 

Keto Margarita Senorita Mamacita

This simple yet delicious keto margarita packs a punch! And with only 4g of carbs, you can enjoy your night out without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis.

Full Recipe: https://ketogenic.com/recipes/keto-margarita-senorita-mamacita/

Blood Orange Margarita

This fun twist on the classic margarita features blood orange juice and reposado tequila. The vibrant colors and bold taste make it the perfect drink for parties or friendly get-togethers. Bonus tip: Try freezing blood orange and lime slices and adding them into the drinks! They add a beautiful touch and keep your drink cold! 

Full Recipe: https://ketogenic.com/recipes/keto-margarita-with-blood-orange-and-lime/

Blackberry Margarita Pops

Are you looking for a unique twist on the classic margarita for your next party or dinner? Try serving these keto-friendly and exquisite blackberry margarita pops. Not a fan of blackberries? Try swapping this berry out for strawberries or blueberries, just remember to add in the extra carbs from these fruits. 

Full Recipe: https://ketogenic.com/recipes/blackberry-keto-margarita-pops/

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