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Dale’s 335lb Keto Weight Loss Story

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  Published on February 6th, 2019
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  Last modified February 25th, 2020
Dale's keto weight loss story

Meet Dale:

IG: @prsplayer24

Starting Weight: 500 lbs.

Current Weight: 165 lbs.


Dale’s Keto Weight Loss Story:

I chose to start the keto diet for weight loss. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was something that I could turn into a lifestyle, especially after massive losses in the first few months. I’ve hit my lowest weight as an adult of 171, but I honestly don’t think I’ve weighed this little since 6th grade. I’m about 10,000 times happier than I was back then and I’m proud of the person I’ve become. I went from a 500lb basement-dwelling, video game playing, soda chugging, unemployed, depressed college dropout to a job having, home-owning, gym addicted, mud running, less fat young man. I’m living proof that anyone can do this. I post here to motivate, not to brag about my story. I’ve officially lost 330 lbs and I never have any plans of finding them again. Yeah, I still have my incredibly rare ice cream, taco, and pizza days where I’ll swell up like a beach ball, but I always get back on the horse.

A little background on me. I was 22, sitting in my basement every day, chugging soda, eating junk food, playing League of Legends and watching Netflix. That was literally my life. I was unemployed, had dropped out of college, depressed, and 501lbs. I have no idea how I had avoided health complications up to that point, but somehow I still didn’t have heart problems, diabetes, or really any issues aside from the fact that moving around was getting tougher. I had a pretty rough home life too and that was testing my mental fortitude. I’m gonna be honest with you guys, keto was my last-ditch, my last hurrah. I was suicidal and I was ready to die. It put me in an interesting position because this outlook gave me the opportunity to realize I truly had nothing to lose. If keto didn’t pan out, I’d just end it all anyway, so why not give it one last chance?

The first MONTH, I lost 50lbs. I was hooked. I never looked back from that point and it was literally the best decision I’ve ever made. After a few months, I found a part-time job, eased my way back into work, and this was another huge step for me. That part-time job became full time, I got a management position there, and then a couple of years later I moved on to a better company. Within a year, I was head of my department at the new place and loving life. This spring, I finally adulted enough to buy my first house.

Yes, I’ve had bumps along the way. Yes, I’ve had 2 month long plateaus. I’ve only managed to lose like 15-20lbs since last year, don’t know the exact figure, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This is NOT a short term diet for me, it’s my way of life now. I honestly don’t ever plan to stop eating keto.

Think about this, 6 years ago, I was literally going to kill myself because I saw no future for myself. Now, thanks to keto, I was able to learn discipline and hard work, and I have a life that I love. I actually exercise and enjoy it now too! I lift 3 days a week and try to do some form of cardio on 3 off days, resting on Sunday. All of this newfound ability to be physically active helped me find my new favorite hobby: obstacle course racing. To date, I’ve run 3 Spartan Sprints, 5 Warrior Dashes, 1 Dirty Dash, 1 Terrain Race, and 2 Highlander Assault. They help motivate me to stay in cardio shape and just work on becoming leaner. After all, weighing less makes obstacles a hell of a lot easier.

What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

Just start. Don’t make excuses for yourself, commit to the lifestyle, and make the change.


What is your favorite part of being keto?

Weight loss and maintenance. Lack of carb bloat, better energy levels


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