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Preeth (@ superpks) Shares her Story to Give Back!

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  Published on February 6th, 2019
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  Last modified December 16th, 2022
preeth (@ superpks) and her keto weight loss transformation

Meet Preeth (@ superpks) :

IG: @ superpks

Starting Weight: 200 lbs.

Current Weight: 134 lbs.

Preeth's Keto Transformation Story:

I started the keto diet after seeing so many success stories on Instagram. I had lost 30 lbs for my wedding in 2015 and gained most of it back in 2016. I wanted to give it one more shot with the keto diet in 2017 and it worked! I not only lost weight very quickly, but I also kept it off, and my health completely changed! My biggest NSV hands-down was being able to stop taking my thyroid medication for Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. The autoimmune disease left me fatigued with zero energy and dependent on medication to function. The keto diet completely changed that! As I got deeper into ketosis, I started waking up and feeling energized without needing my medicine first thing in the morning. Eventually, I was able to wean off the medicine and about a year ago, I stopped taking it entirely. I recently had some blood-work done and my thyroid levels are still normal without any medication! I thought I'd have to depend on the thyroid medication to function for the rest of my life so I cannot be more grateful for the ways in which this diet has given me my health and my life back.

I originally started my account to follow those sharing their keto knowledge, transformations, recipes, and so much more. After going through this journey and learning so much from the keto community, I wanted to pay it forward! About 3 months ago, I started sharing my own story in hopes of helping and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

For me, the most important thing to learn was reading nutrition labels. I didn't count macros but I wrapped my head around how many carbs are actually in everything. When I ate out and I wasn't sure, Google was my friend. I kept my daily carb intake to under 25g (net carbs after fiber), so any one item with more than 10g of carbs was automatically off the table. The next most important thing was finding some go-to meals (I love chicken fajitas, Korean short ribs, parmesan-crusted salmon, and eggs with bacon - I share the recipes on my page) and snacks (KNOW Foods + Quest Nutrition) that I could turn to when I have cravings, especially in the early days. Lastly, intermittent fasting made a big difference in continuing to lose weight after hitting plateaus. I also sometimes do 24-hour water/tea/coffee fasts after a cheat meal to get back into ketosis more quickly.

What is your favorite part of being keto?

I love how much being keto has done for my health. Besides losing the fat/weight, I love how much more energy I have on this diet. I feel like my brain actually works better, no more fogginess or that it is I'd get after eating carbs. The increased energy and weight loss has even helped me hit fitness goals I once thought were wild fantasies! And I love how much it's helped minimize my inflammation from my autoimmune disorder and enabled me to stop relying on medication to function!

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