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The Best Low-Carb Food Swaps on a Ketogenic Diet

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  Published on March 12th, 2019
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  Last modified December 17th, 2022

Low-carbohydrate or “low-carb” diets are gaining more and more popularity. Great! However, switching to a low-carb diet could and often does mean missing out on some of your favorite foods. Not great. But fret not! Here are the top ten low-carb substitutions for your favorite carbohydrate meals you can try today!


1) Cauliflower Rice for Macaroni and Cheese

You have been probably been eating macaroni since you were a kid but did you know you can make macaroni out of cauliflower rice? Cauliflower rice can be found at your local grocery store in the produce aisle or made by putting a cauliflower head through a food processor. Add in some cheese, cream, and seasonings and you have a great low carb substitute.


2) Zucchini Noodles for Pasta Noodles

Pasta is a fan favorite from athlete to the everyday carb lover. Zucchini noodles can be a great low carb substitution for pasta. You can find a zucchini spiralizer at your local store. Use this to create your noodles and top with a low carb pasta sauce and meatballs if desired.


3) Pork Rinds for Chips

When switching to low carb you may find yourself missing that crunchy texture you experience when eating foods like chips. Pork rinds can be a great low carb way to still get that texture! Even better is they can still be eaten with common dips like cheese or French onion!


4) Cheese Crisps for Chips

In need of a snack food? Cheese crisps can be a great alternative to that pesky bag of chips. Cheese crisps are simply made by making piles of your favorite kind of shredded cheese and baking in the oven until crisp. Shredded Parmesan cheese is one the best for this!


5) Lettuce Wrap for Flour Wrap

Trying to eat a little healthier with that wrap? How about switching it out for a lettuce wrap to cut your carbs even more! This can save on not only carbs but calories as well! Use iceberg lettuce wraps that are fresh so you have enough support to hold in your sandwich contents!


6) Portobello Mushroom Caps for Bun

Low carb dieters often find themselves eating bun less sandwiches but this may not be for everyone. For those of you looking to handle your burger still try Portobello mushroom caps. You can even find mini mushroom caps to make burger sliders with!


7) Okra Fries for French Fries

If you’re going to have the Portobello mushroom burger than you need to make sure to have some fries to go along with it! Sliced Okra can be prepared by adding Parmesan cheese and baking until they are crispy like fries! Feel free to add cheese to make an even more delicious dish!


8) Cheddar Cheese Taco Shell for Hard Taco Shell

Tacos could be low carb if it wasn’t for that pesky shell. Try making crispy cheddar cheese taco shells to replace the hard shell. It will require the appropriate pan to make these but who wouldn’t like a shell made of cheese?!


9) Eggplant Lasagna for Pasta Lasagna

Lasagna is one of the most filling meals you can find and a carb lover favorite. However, lasagna is loaded with carbohydrates. Try substituting Eggplant for a still filling yet low carbohydrate meal! Zucchini can also be used as a substitute for lasagna!


10) Meat Crust for Flour Crust

Giving up pizza may have been the first bad thought that ran through your head when considering a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Good news is you don’t have to give up pizza! Simply swap out the crust for various crust alternatives. Meat Crust is becoming more popular due to its delicious taste! You may even find that a crust made of sausage is much more palatable than your typical pizza crust anyway!


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