Dan (@i_run_on_fat) Does Keto and Maintains 10% Body Fat!

Meet Dan:

IG: @i_run_on_fat

Starting Weight: 153 lbs.

Current Weight: 141 lbs.


Dan’s Keto Transformation Story:

My journey to keto this year was due to work travels that lead me to overeat, stress and drink alcohol. The early part of the year really threw me off my nutrition and workout regiments. I decided upon my return stateside to start back on a standard ketogenic diet and went all on day one! I haven’t looked back since. I’ve maintained roughly 10% body fat since about August with relative ease despite increasing my caloric intake (a calorie is NOT just a calorie).

I would say the biggest victory for me is influencing and introducing people to the ketogenic diet. I consider it a success having seen people lose over 20 lbs after I’ve educated them on the process!

My biggest hurdle would be when I would travel overseas for work however I feel that I have a better understanding of foods that I can properly select even while traveling. The ketogenic lifestyle does not limit my ability to eat out.

My health goals are to remain at this physical level of leanness and to sustain it long term. Also to have my body and mind perform at peak levels as a result of this lifestyle!


What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

Understand the fundamentals of keto and be consistent. Also, build a better relationship with food and understand how it will affect your body.


What is your favorite part of being keto?

The mental clarity, ease of fat loss and most importantly the sustainability of the diet. I also want to point out the additional positive health benefits modern research is showing in reversing and preventing diabetes, an adjunct to cancer treatments and Alzheimer’s prevention! Knowing I eat this way gives me peace of mind that not only can I maintain a level of leanness at my age but also improving my overall health.


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