Bacon, Grace, and Guac…This is Sarah Grace’s Story!

Meet Sarah:

IG: Sarah Grace @bacongraceandguac

Starting Weight: 235 lbs.

Current Weight: 196 lbs.


Sarah Grace’s Keto Transformation Story:

I started the ketogenic diet mainly for mental health reasons. I struggle with depression, high anxiety, and I feel like they were consuming my life. After 2 weeks of switching to a ketogenic lifestyle, I noticed a huge difference in my mental clarity and how much less stressed I was. It was amazing! In my first month, I lost 13 pounds and it was such a great motivation as well! Since then it’s been so easy to live this way. Keto is so versatile and you can basically “ketofy” any meal you want! I am now a better mom to my kids and a better wife to my husband because I have my health under control. My biggest non-scale victory would have to be not shopping at plus size stores anymore. I love being able to buy clothes no matter where I go! I’m actually happy with my current weight. I wouldn’t be discouraged if I never lost another pound. I don’t have a certain weight I want to be. I feel great mentally and physically! That’s all I ever wanted. Keto is the best thing to ever happen to me and has changed my life completely. I don’t plan on ever going back to my old ways of eating.


What is the best advice you would give someone looking to transform their life on keto?

Keep it simple. Meals don’t have to be complicated, you’ll just get overwhelmed and possibly give up.


What is your favorite part of being keto?

The energy I have and my mental well being.


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