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Zoey the Boston Terrier

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  Published on March 1st, 2019
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  Last modified April 15th, 2021

I have always cooked for Zoey, my Boston Terrier. As conventional wisdom tells me, my dog has a microbiome just as I do, and for her to be healthy, her microbiome has to be as well. I do not eat anything processed or packaged, and Zoey should not either. Zoey is keto because I am keto. I have mold toxicity, which has affected my brain, so my doctor put me on a ketogenic diet to bring down the swelling and inflammation. I lived in black mold for years, and so did Zoey. If I am affected by the mold, she probably is too.

Adjusting Zoey to keto was a hard journey, though. Through the years, we have made numerous trips to the vet each time we changed her food. Before eating a ketogenic diet, Zoey was Paleo—she ate beef, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. Changing a protein would cause a trip to the vet with vomiting and nausea. After numerous tests, we discovered that she had a small liver. I used Cronometer and was able to figure out her calories and serving sizes and dropped foods problematic to a small liver. I ran across some books on food combining (Donna Gates, Detoxinista) and tried it with Zoey, and it worked! Zoey stopped regurgitating, and we were able to stop all the pills. She is doing fine eating a Paleo/keto diet. She eats turkey with gizzards for breakfast, fish with sardines for lunch, and hamburger with liver for dinner. Plus, I always have at least six non-starchy veggies in the fridge to add variety to her meals. She gets digestive enzymes, bone broth, and a multi-vitamin with each meal and whole food treats between meals – bacon, jerky, @realdogbox. This was a whole new way of thinking for us and an adjustment for her. She is happy and playful for an eleven year old dog. I hope we have extended her life a few years by changing her diet!

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