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Aldi Keto Bread Review & Blood Testing

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  Published on October 7th, 2020
  Reading time: 2 minutes
  Last modified March 9th, 2023
aldi keto bread review

The new zero carb keto bread available at Aldi has taken the internet by storm. Not just because this bread claims to be 0g net carbs, but because it’s available for under $4 (the average loaf of keto bread retails for around $10).  So, it’s more affordable and claims to have fewer carbs. This bread sounds too good to be true, so is it? Check out Dr. Ryan Lowery and Amy Hayes, full Youtube video review & analysis of the new Aldi Keto Bread below:

L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread Macronutrient & Ingredient Breakdown

Each slice of this Aldi keto bread is listed as being 45-50 calories (depending on flavor) 0g of net carbs, 5g of protein, and 2-3g of fat. 

As for ingredients, this low carb bread does use some keto-friendly ingredients like oat fiber and chicory root (if chicory root/inulin do not give you GI problems).

The most concerning ingredients in this bread are modified wheat starch and soybean oil. If you have a gluten intolerance, it should also be noted that this bread contains wheat protein isolate, wheat bran, and wheat gluten. 

For a full ingredient breakdown, check out our previous article Aldi Bread: Is It Really Keto? 

How Does The Aldi Bread Taste?

This bread had a texture very similar to traditional bread, but slightly more dense and spongy. It definitely had a slight protein after taste, but overall, mimicked bread well. 

Is the Aldi Keto Bread Really Keto? How Did It Affect Glucose Levels?

Amy and Ryan both measure their fasting baseline glucose and ketone levels. After eating the Aldi keto bread, they measured their levels over an hour. They remained seated the entire time to ensure their blood glucose measurements weren’t altered by movement (yes, even walking can elevate your glucose levels).

Here are their glucose and ketone measurements:


Baseline: Glucose- 90, Ketones- 0.3

15 minutes: Glucose- 96

30 minutes: Glucose- 96

60 minutes: Glucose- 106, Ketones- 0.3


Baseline: Glucose- 84, Ketones- 1.2

15 minutes: Glucose- 91

30 minutes: Glucose- 93

60 minutes: Glucose- 104, Ketones- 0.4

Concluding Thoughts

This bread did cause a spike in glucose levels and a decrease in blood ketone levels; however, the change was not so severe that it should be 100% avoided. While we would not advocate for consuming this bread on a regular basis, if you have it from time-to-time instead of traditional white bread, it is still a better alternative. 

Have You Tried the Aldi Keto Bread?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts! Did you measure how it affected your glucose and ketone levels? If so, let us know how it affected you! 

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  1. Tom says:

    I have tried the Aldi’s Keto Bread and while I did not test Keto Levels or Blood Sugar I can say that following eating like 4 slices I was still able to drop to a historic weight low (173 down from 240 lbs). I have tried several different breads and find Aldi;s to be best in taste. Note- I do eat the bread only when I know it will be a particularly low low carb day- meaning hardly any carbs for the day. It seems to work well because I can never stop at just a slice (same for the other breads like Thin Slim Foods), I do think this is a more traditional bread experience than Thin Slim Foods which has a slight more protein isolate taste and a bit tougher to swallow after chewing (but I still like it overall).
    I love the bread mix from Ketonia (amazon) which also allowed me to continue losing weight while eating- again I eat the bread while not eating other questionable low carb foods (like frozen or packaged).
    So do you know of a great alternative that is truly keto?
    And how can I spice up my meat (steak, chicken) recipes with true keto?

    I mean I am doing pretty good- I mix the Keto Diet with the Intermittent Diet- which helps the body recover while fasting from 9pm to like 1 pm (water all day though). It also has reduced my ability to eat larger quantities. I am not missing the 60 lbs and enjoy the 32 waist over the 40.

    Just discovered your site- Will keep checking back and look for previous articles time permitted.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Tom. Thanks for sharing your experience! I agree with your comparison to Thin Slim bread! To answer your questions, honestly, the best keto alternative is likely making your own at home. This way, you directly control what ingredients are going in and you know there are no questionable ingredients that can kick you out of ketosis. As for spices, there are definitely no added sugar spices you can purchase from the store to spice up your dishes! For example, Everything Seasoning and Umami Mushroom seasoning from Target are two of my favorite keto-friendly spices. When shopping for spices, avoid ingredients like dextrose, sugar, and maltodextrin.

      It’s great to hear you are doing so well on keto and making tremendous progress! We hope to hear from you again with more updates on your weight loss transformation!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Personally , I found the bread to elevate my glucose way too much and though I enjoyed it immensely I think I need to leave it alone

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Carolyn. Thanks for sharing your experience! Did you test your ketones too? If so, how did they change?

    2. Shallah says:

      I agree, I’m a type 1 diabetic on a Dexcom monitor. I’ve had stable blood sugar for at least 4 hours, no intake at all and following 1 serving of this bread I had at minimum a 60 point rise both times I tried it. I’m not trusting it to be true keto, the ingredients alone make me doubt it.

    3. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Shallah. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Aldi keto bread!

  3. Shawn D. Ford says:

    Hi. I am back on my second round of Keto, I lost 30 lbs my first go round. I saw this product and have incorporated into my Keto diet currently. I have been on Keto for about two and half weeks. I am not in Ketosis and it is the bread. That is the only thing that I have done differently than last time. I use the pee strips, I am not very scientific but I agree this bread needs to be a once a week consumption, if that.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Shawn. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Aldi bread!

  4. Shawn D. Ford says:

    Hi. My previous journey into Keto I lost 30 lbs and was in Keto in about 4 days. It was a great experience. Then I stumbled onto this bread as I started my second round of Keto. I have been on it for about 2.5 weeks and I am not in Ketosis. The only difference is this “Net Zero” bread and the starch is the issue, among other things I am sure. I am not scientific about testing, I just use the pee strips but I can guarantee its the bread. I am going to quite consuming it and I will let you know how long it takes me to get back into Ketosis.

  5. vince J Arcuri says:

    I am a type II diabetic and tried this bread. I just noticed today I had two toasted sliced with butter and an hour later my blood sugar shot up to 250 mg. Much too high.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Vince. Thank you for sharing your experience with this bread!

  6. Dana says:

    I was doing great in ketosis, I’ve been doing this bread for a day or two and I’m not in ketosis and have noticed bloating. It’s the only thing I can think of causing it. I’ve tested and tested very well on my levels, I use this and I’m not in keto according to my strips. More importantly, I get heart palpitations with this bread. I do erythritol with no problem, but this bread causes those palpitations heavily. 🤷 I’m not even measuring as in ketosis at all. Not worth it.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Dana. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. Tracy Anderson says:

    I’ve used this bread in moderation 2-3 x a month, but every time I eat it (one slice) it kicks me out of ketosis. I’m usually able to get back in quickly if I do an 18 hr fast, but buyer beware!

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Tracy! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. Krista Anderson says:

    This is so strange to me. I got the bread on Monday of this week – immediately had a sandwich for dinner, and again last night had a sandwich for dinner, then today had a sandwich for lunch – Tested large ketosis on 2 different brands of keto pee strips. Maybe my body just handles it differently. I also fast most of the day, and only usually eat between 2-3pm, and maybe again during the late evening around 7-8. I feel fortunate – because it feels like if something’s not going to work for anyone – it’s going to be me! lol I get a win for once! 🙂

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Krista. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is strange how so many people tend to react differently to this bread.

  9. KT says:

    I have purchased this Aldi bread. It tastes amazing for it being Keto but it definitely affects my ketone levels way more than other “low carb/keto” options. I tested at a 2.3, broke my fast with 1 slice of the Keto bread (it was amazing! Lol) ….but I tested later and was only at .7!! I had consumed nothing else in between bread & 2nd test. I( tend to test high 1s to mid 2s by the evening after only 1 meal.) I thought it was a fluke at first. However, I tried again a week later and got the same result…extremely lower ketones after consuming only 1 piece! So sad…because its actually good!

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, KT. Thanks for sharing your experience! It is interesting to see how different it affects different people.

  10. Hamed says:

    We must take into account the results of people with diabetes with this type of bread, because people who do not have diabetes will not affect their blood sugar level if there is an error in the carbohydrate content because they have insulin secretion in their body and possible before it rises in them The level of insulin secretion will return it to the normal level, but for people with type I or II, any error in the level of carbohydrates will affect the level of sugar in the blood because they do not secrete or secrete little insulin, so we must pay attention to the results of the experiences of people with diabetes for this type of the bread.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Hamed. Great points!

  11. Frank says:

    I don’t think keto bread is meant to put ketones in your body. It’s a replacement for carbs in bread. I’m a diabetic It seems better for my diet than regular bread.

    1. Amy Hayes says:

      Hi, Frank. Bread isn’t meant to increase your ketone levels; however, if you are following a ketogenic diet the goal is to main the metabolic state of ketosis (meaning you must maintain a certain blood ketone level). If your blood ketone levels drop, then you are “kicked out of ketosis”. The concern is that this keto bread might reduce ketone levels and kick an individual out of ketosis. That being said, you are completely right in stating it is still better than traditional bread!

  12. Kelly says:

    Tastes very good when well toasted. I even bring it with me to a restaurant and rip off small pieces to use with a keto app dip in place of chips. Maybe not perfect but if it keeps me satisfied with keto as a permanent plan of eating. Well worth it.

  13. Steph Anderson says:

    My daughter is a Type 1diabetic. She loved having bread and the comfort of grilled cheese, but blood glucose was through the roof. We weren’t expecting that, so it is now used on occasion, like when a recipe calls for bread crumbs in smaller amounts and are diluted by other ingredients. Still looking for the right bread. The price is right, but chasing glucose levels is not.

    1. Farrell says:

      Try 647 bread. It doesn’t impact my blood sugar as much.

  14. Casie says:

    Have been on keto diet for 2 months and have lost 15 pounds. I use the urine test strips. I use an app on phone to help monitor my carb intake, and have been doing great. I bought aldi bread and bagels. Each time I eat them I will test before and after I eat and l ended up getting kicked out of ketosis. The bread is the only thing I changed. Very disappointing!

  15. Kabuff says:

    I started doing Atkins again. The first week I lost 20.6 pounds, mostly eating Aldi sausage links and scrambled eggs. Next week lost 7 pounds. Next week 3 pounds. I love bread and tried this, I thought it was an answer to my prayers. With 9 grams carbs and 9 grams fiber, it should be 0 carbs, as described in Dr Atkins book. Nope. I gained 7 pounds in one week. I tried 3 more weeks of Atkins and didn’t lose a pound. I was on lasix the whole time, it’s something the doctor makes me do. I see now, by reading this posts, it was most likely the bread that ruined my Atkins plan. Will be starting over again without the bread. I could not get into ketosis, even while doing 16 carbs a day. It sucks, because I would rather just have a sandwich and have to cook. It was a good bread, but I do not believe it is for me.

    1. Lincy Coradin says:

      First off, thank you for sharing. Second, your initial journey sounds incredible! That is no small feat to do what you did. I’m glad to see you now realize the bread could have been something halting your progress as well. If you’re looking for a new plan to get started that focuses on a good foundation, you might want to check out our Optimized Keto 32 Day program. You can see if it’s right for you here: https://ketogenic.com/keto-quiz/?ref=home-page

  16. Erin says:

    35 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes for a third time. I had high hopes for this as it seems like a great quality product but no matter what I pair it with it is an automatic spike. 1 piece toasted today with cream cheese put me at 151 at 1 hour. If you are just using this for the keto diet aspect, you may have better luck but if you are trying this in hopes of managing an actual diabetic diagnosis I don’t think this is the product for you.

  17. Janet says:

    I was so excited to learn about Aldi’s Keto bread. The first month I started eating no bread or basically anything white, plus added walking one to two miles 4-5 days a week to I my schedule, I lost 17 lbs just in the first month.i asked the nurse if the scales were correct! I am now on my third loaf of Aldi bread and the scale is moving very little. My glucose would increase about 20 points after each serving, so for now, I’m putting it aside. It was the major diet change after I lost the initial 17 lbs, so I’m going to see if doing without it will get me back on track!

    1. Lincy Coradin says:

      Let us know how it goes and congratulations on the first 17lbs!

  18. Vicki says:

    I agree with Shawn. I was in the high side optimal level for ketosis prior to eating their keto friendly bread. I made a breakfast sandwich with two slices. Two hours later, I tested small or trace of ketones.

    What a bummer.

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